Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Well hello everyone. 

Feliz Año Nuevo. I ATE THE TWELVE GRAPES THIS YEAR!!!! (on new year's eve you eat a grape for every chime of the bells at midnight) most people can't, but thanks to a genetic combination of singers and chatters, I have the perfect mouth!!!

Where is the time going????!!!


hmmmmmm what can I tell you. . . 

We´re planning a baptism for Adrián (18) for this Saturday.  He´s Spanish and cool. He´s pretty funny because sometimes he just gets involved in the things at church as if he were just a long time member. The downside is we have to go to Cartagena for the baptism. Because we have no font and also most of the members are going to be there for a youth conference.

It's been a lot colder here this week. Saturday night was the infamous king's day parade, and Sunday morning all the little kids woke up to see what the kings had left them. In all honesty, it's a much more spiritually based tradition that Santa Claus. 

In the traditional dessert that you eat for Reyes (kings day) there are 2 hidden things inside the baked cake. 1 is the little prize which means next year you win a whole cake to yourself. The other one is a little nut that means you have to PAY for that cake next year for the person who won. It's a fun little tradition.

I finally, after many painstaking efforts, found out REALLY how to make paella. I don't know if Spanish ladies are just all trained to tell you in a general unclear sort of way so you keep coming and eating theirs or what. But I finally squeezed the EXACT recipe out of one.

Mission accomplished.

I forget what else has happened. I love the scriptures. I'm just finishing Mosiah. I love the differences you can see in the people of Limhi vs. the people of Alma. It's really cool. And applicable.

Since BYU is a church owned site and BYU singers website as well, I have discovered one of my new favorite songs from one of my old favorite composers. "When David heard" by Eric Whitacre. 
It's based off of the story of David and his son Absalom. 

Mom-you'll read that in Samuel  :D (I´ll probably be there)

He supposedly wrote it especially for the BYU singers because Dr. Staheli can "find more music in his pieces than what he wrote into them". What pride I have to be a leg underneath the BYU singers. Maybe someday........

I'm pretty set now on going back to Choral Ed. I think I´m made for it. I feel like I understand it. And although my skills are amateur (spelling?) I think that's the road I should take. What to do after graduation ¿Yo que se? 

Well, my shoes are pretty beat up. I hope this will be the last time that I have to sew them. My comp keeps telling me to throw them away. He's too young to understand. they aren't just SHOES, they´re my FEET!!!!!

I started with them and I´m ending with them!!!

I don't think I have to worry about housing until I get home. phew!

I got my travel plans just like you did. It's amazing that I´ll do 23 hrs of travelling in just about 12 hours time (time difference joke) I´ll be SOOOOOOOOOOOO tired. 

I have a month exactly. Yikes. 

I love you. The church is true. The Book of Mormon is true. Family is the most important thing. And I´m so excited to see mine. (although very very sad to be leaving my beautiful Spain) :(

I love you all again. Have a great week.

Happy New Year
Elder Kirkham

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