Monday, January 28, 2013

Next p-day we will have a conference with Elder Texeira, so I don't know if I´ll be able to write.

Bullet points:
  • I went to Elche (elx) while Elder Neira was in Malaga
  • We played Lord of the Rings Risk with 3 Americans and 1 German
  • The German orcs destroyed everyone else
  • There were many Hitler Nazi jokes over the course of those 3 days
  • I´m sick with a really sore throat, I can hardly speak
  • We had a Branch Conference yesterday in which The Stake President announced that  Torrevieja was now a WARD!!!!!!! IT'S AMAZING I WISH I HAD MORE TIME TO WRITE ABOUT HOW EXCITED I AM
  • I had to translate all the sustaining church officers in general and in the stake. Hardest thing I've ever translated is a bunch of Spanish names (everyone has 2 last names and usually 2 first names) yikes
  • Elder Crapo new missionary is from Arizona. He was a visa waiter in Long Beach for 2 months
  • Elder Texeria (Europe Area President) is coming next week
  • President Deere asked that I do a special musical number for when he comes.
  • I´m freaking out of how much time I have left

That's all

Elder Kirkham

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