Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well. After a sad phone call from President Deere. I am being transferred.

Due to the present lack of missionaries in the mission they are taking all Double companionships out. Meaning they're only leaving one companionship per ward or branch. That mean Adios Elder Kirkham.

My new area and probably dying area is

Torrevieja in Alicante. Its a branch.

I don't know what else to write. 
Its really cold. REALLY REALLY COLD!!!!!!!!!!

I've been a little under the weather lately. But not so bad. Just feeling a little blech. 

Elder Rodriguez is going to a different ward in Alicante. They're splitting us up.

I´m going with a pretty new missionary. His name is Elder Neira. I don't know him. Just that he's a native speaker.

I better be able to test out of a bunch of classes after having so many native companions. I honestly think I´m one of the missionaries that has had the most native comps.

Juan, one of our investigators informed us that he thinks he might already be baptized in our church......we'll have to call Salt Lake.

Carina and her family cried when we told them we were leaving. So did I. They told us that they´re getting baptized.

Same with Rolando. Minus the fact that he´s baptized.

My comp and I picked olives last Friday. It was freezing and rainy. We ended up going inside because the wind had blown all of the olives off. How sad. But it was still fun.

I feel just a little bitter (not angry) just a little bitter about transfers. But asi es la vida misional.

Andy sigue siendo un cara-culo por haber traducido mis tonterías. Y sé como hablan los hondureños porque hay dos sirviendo aqui en Málaga conmigo. Cara-culico. es broma.

I laughed my bum off last night with a recent convert family. They are hilarious.

We (all the elders in Málaga, but not the hermanas because they didn't want to come) climbed the mountain of Málaga this morning and saw the sunrise. It was really cool. We could see all of our pueblos.

I keep forgetting what Christmas is. And what month we're in. 

What does spinach dip taste like?
I don't remember.

I was scolded by an old Spanish paco because I was leaning against a tree and there was a piece of trash on the ground by my feet. OBVIOUSLY that means that I left it there. (tonto) He put a dumb face on and pointed at the trash can 2 feet away. I, in hiking clothes, responded in Spaniard fashion with arms in the air. Its not mine! Then he hobbled away.

I´m tired. 

We found an American store. The guy gave us free skittles because he likes Americans and he lived in San Francisco. I told him I lived right next to San Fran.....(well for Spaniards, I live right next to San Fran)....

I keep forgetting I´m 21. I feel like an old missionary. 

I´m really sad to leave Málaga. I haven't been in the best mood this weekend. The sickyness isn't helping.

Poor President, he said he felt bad and was sorry he had to move us.

Oh well, the Lord has His purposes. I guess I just have to feel a little bitter to learn this lesson though.
I started looking at BYU classes and schedules. 

I think I'll just stay in Spain for another year or so.

I´m sorry for my sassyness. I´m just not feeling well. 

I don't know what else to write. Sorry if I forgot anyone's Birthday. I love you all.

The tired, sassy Elder Kirkham

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