Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello From Torrevieja. A much Happier and less tired hello to be specific.

Torrevieja is a funny place. I don't know what to think about it. I like it, but it's weird. 

Yesterday I Translated ALL THREE HOURS of Church. I finally got to use a microphone. Since there's so many English people here they have a really nice translating microphone and headsets. It was really fun. I think being here is going to help my English grammar a lot. 

Translating old Scottish man jokes into Spanish is REALLY HARD!

My new companion, Elder Neira, is funny. He's just FULL OF ENERGY and I feel like the old man. He's from Ecuador, but he was living a long time in Barcelona. He knows Elder Rodriguez III my hijo. They were in the same stake back home in Barça (Barcelona en Catalan) gross ...shiverrrr....

Here, The people learn Valenciano (from Valencia) which is a dialect of Castellano (Spanish) but no one speaks it here in Torrevieja. Or really anywhere. It's just like state pride- make our children learn our useless language. hahaha

I´ve been feeling really worn out this last week. I´ve been talking to President Deere a lot these last few days. I kind of went crazy this week. He was helping me be a hollow reed. Talking about the area and such missionary things.

We bought a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree and decorated it with the ornaments you send me last year.

Please don't feel obligated to send me anything. I´m an old, dying, crotchety missionary. I really don't need anything. 

I´ve been discussing/pondering again going home in February. Yes, I think I´m going crazy. I´m getting really worn out. We´ll see. I have to consult President. He's being a huge help. I love Him and Hermana Deere. I got to talk to them both last night. Just like talking to mom and dad. They're great.

Elder Hunt. One of the greatest. He's here with us a few days while his comp is in Madrid getting his wisdom teeth out.  Its been fun.
He's in my group and it's fun to catch up after a long time. He's contributing to my desire to go home with him and the rest of my group. We'll see.

I'm seriously considering taking a Latin class at BYU. As in the language. It seems appropriate for either music or Spanish and I just find it very interesting.

I´m also getting Elder Hunt to do it with me.

IT IS REALLY COLD HERE. My hands are freezing as I type.

The branch is really fun. It's basically the same size as Sanlúcar. The majority are from South America. The other majority is from the UK. Old retired Brits. hahahaha

Our piso is nice. It has electric heating instead of buying the giant gas tanks every few weeks. It's such a luxury. The showers are always hot.

I sleep in a very large bed. Veteran Missionary. jajaja

We are far away from other areas. Which is kind of sad. It was nice seeing other missionaries all the time in Málaga. But alas those days are gone.

We had branch Choir practice last night. It reminded me of Heritage Oak Choir. jajaja And made me miss Men´s Chorus.

I love you so much. Have a great week.

Elder Kirkham

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