Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello Family. Happy Almost Christmas
I´ve titled this letter a Cadbury Christmas for a few reasons:

1. In the English Supermarket we went and found Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Calendars. Every day I don my British accent to open the little windows that give chocolate. It's the best start to the day.

2. We´ve eaten with two of the British families/couples this week. Its been just lovely speaking with them and eating their boring English food. But it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. They play English Christmas Music. I love it. Tea time with Sister Penny Smith.

3. Translating for the British couples is so fun. I have to switch between languages a lot because of the different speakers and teachers. But mostly I translate into English. 

4. After much consideration and prayer and chats with President. I´ve decided to come home in February. President basically told me "elder, Do whatever you want to. It doesn't matter." And I feel like I´m slowly dying inside. Energy and drive wise not literally. I just feel tired tired tired and cold. I think it's just getting time. I have NO IDEA what I´ll do for so much time before going back to school. That's the downfall. But I just feel like it's time. So my official release date (in the church system now) is February 7th. Yep. It's done. I now have about 7 weeks left. That's all. 

In other news. Elder Hunt has been here this last week. I think I commented that last week. He was just going to stay a few days but he came back after going to Málaga. He finally left this morning. I love Elder Hunt. He was a key influence in the February switch.

This week is the Special Christmas zone conference. It is also my last zone conference. Which means it will be my dying testimony. I CANNOT believe almost two years have passed. And it's been THREE since I was in High School. AHHHHHHHHHH.

I was looking at Classes with Elder Hunt. We printed off the spring class list and went through it all. I will probably room with him in the Spring. Or at least that's the current plan. 

There's a special Spanish major that's designed to be a double major. And I´m very interested in it. It is about 25-30 credits I believe. I could probably test out of a few classes. I´m still lost as to what my major will be. But I have time.
I´ll send you a definite class schedule before February 1. Which is just a few days before I come home. AHHHHHHH

I have no idea what we´ll be doing for Christmas, or Christmas skype. Tell me the best time for you guys to talk. 

We had a dinner for Family night this week. Everyone brought a typical dish form their country. It was fun. I made croquetas even though i´m not Spanish. eeh hee hee

This week we will sing (branch choir) in the town square and hand out book of Mormons and other material to people. After we will have the Branch Christmas dinner. It should be fun. I love Christmas.

Well I think that's all. I love you all. Have a good week before Christmas. It's the best time of the year.

Elder Kirkham

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