Monday, December 24, 2012

My favorite family that we found in Málaga got baptized this Saturday.

Karina, Jesus and Maxi. Tender Mercies of the Lord.
Well ¡Feliz Navidad a todos!

Feliz Nochebuena. That's what they call Christmas Eve. Nochebuena. the "Good Night". And what a good night it is. The night when we think about our Savior´s birth. I´m adding a link to one of the newest church videos. My Favorite Christmas song, set to my favorite videos of the Savior´s life played for you by THE PIANO GUYS. It's so beautiful.

They played it for us at the Special Christmas Zone Conference. (has a year REALLY passed since the last one?) 

I just love the lyrics to this song. Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee, oh, Israel. Emmanuel has come. I know it. And He will come again. How appropriate that Emmanuel means "God with Us". 

I love the scriptures. I will spend tonight reading the beautiful Christmas Story. I Know Christ came as the Son of God to the Earth. I will forever be grateful to Him for what He has done for me and All of us. Here´s just a little piece of the lyrics.

Disperse the gloomy clouds of night, And death's dark shadows put to flight.

That's the hope He gives us. I am so grateful for our Savior. 

Have a very Merry Christmas. I really hope you all can ponder on all the blessings that we enjoy. And for the greatest blessing. The greatest gift. God gave us His Son. 

I´ll see you all very soon. I´m so excited to talk to you all tomorrow. I think I´ll be calling at 6 o clock MY time. Which I believe is 9 o clock your time. I hope that's not too early. 

Feliz Navidad. Espero que podáis sentir el amor de nuestro Salvador esta Navidad. Os quiero muchísimo.

Elder Kirkham

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello Family. Happy Almost Christmas
I´ve titled this letter a Cadbury Christmas for a few reasons:

1. In the English Supermarket we went and found Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Calendars. Every day I don my British accent to open the little windows that give chocolate. It's the best start to the day.

2. We´ve eaten with two of the British families/couples this week. Its been just lovely speaking with them and eating their boring English food. But it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. They play English Christmas Music. I love it. Tea time with Sister Penny Smith.

3. Translating for the British couples is so fun. I have to switch between languages a lot because of the different speakers and teachers. But mostly I translate into English. 

4. After much consideration and prayer and chats with President. I´ve decided to come home in February. President basically told me "elder, Do whatever you want to. It doesn't matter." And I feel like I´m slowly dying inside. Energy and drive wise not literally. I just feel tired tired tired and cold. I think it's just getting time. I have NO IDEA what I´ll do for so much time before going back to school. That's the downfall. But I just feel like it's time. So my official release date (in the church system now) is February 7th. Yep. It's done. I now have about 7 weeks left. That's all. 

In other news. Elder Hunt has been here this last week. I think I commented that last week. He was just going to stay a few days but he came back after going to Málaga. He finally left this morning. I love Elder Hunt. He was a key influence in the February switch.

This week is the Special Christmas zone conference. It is also my last zone conference. Which means it will be my dying testimony. I CANNOT believe almost two years have passed. And it's been THREE since I was in High School. AHHHHHHHHHH.

I was looking at Classes with Elder Hunt. We printed off the spring class list and went through it all. I will probably room with him in the Spring. Or at least that's the current plan. 

There's a special Spanish major that's designed to be a double major. And I´m very interested in it. It is about 25-30 credits I believe. I could probably test out of a few classes. I´m still lost as to what my major will be. But I have time.
I´ll send you a definite class schedule before February 1. Which is just a few days before I come home. AHHHHHHH

I have no idea what we´ll be doing for Christmas, or Christmas skype. Tell me the best time for you guys to talk. 

We had a dinner for Family night this week. Everyone brought a typical dish form their country. It was fun. I made croquetas even though i´m not Spanish. eeh hee hee

This week we will sing (branch choir) in the town square and hand out book of Mormons and other material to people. After we will have the Branch Christmas dinner. It should be fun. I love Christmas.

Well I think that's all. I love you all. Have a good week before Christmas. It's the best time of the year.

Elder Kirkham

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello From Torrevieja. A much Happier and less tired hello to be specific.

Torrevieja is a funny place. I don't know what to think about it. I like it, but it's weird. 

Yesterday I Translated ALL THREE HOURS of Church. I finally got to use a microphone. Since there's so many English people here they have a really nice translating microphone and headsets. It was really fun. I think being here is going to help my English grammar a lot. 

Translating old Scottish man jokes into Spanish is REALLY HARD!

My new companion, Elder Neira, is funny. He's just FULL OF ENERGY and I feel like the old man. He's from Ecuador, but he was living a long time in Barcelona. He knows Elder Rodriguez III my hijo. They were in the same stake back home in Barça (Barcelona en Catalan) gross ...shiverrrr....

Here, The people learn Valenciano (from Valencia) which is a dialect of Castellano (Spanish) but no one speaks it here in Torrevieja. Or really anywhere. It's just like state pride- make our children learn our useless language. hahaha

I´ve been feeling really worn out this last week. I´ve been talking to President Deere a lot these last few days. I kind of went crazy this week. He was helping me be a hollow reed. Talking about the area and such missionary things.

We bought a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree and decorated it with the ornaments you send me last year.

Please don't feel obligated to send me anything. I´m an old, dying, crotchety missionary. I really don't need anything. 

I´ve been discussing/pondering again going home in February. Yes, I think I´m going crazy. I´m getting really worn out. We´ll see. I have to consult President. He's being a huge help. I love Him and Hermana Deere. I got to talk to them both last night. Just like talking to mom and dad. They're great.

Elder Hunt. One of the greatest. He's here with us a few days while his comp is in Madrid getting his wisdom teeth out.  Its been fun.
He's in my group and it's fun to catch up after a long time. He's contributing to my desire to go home with him and the rest of my group. We'll see.

I'm seriously considering taking a Latin class at BYU. As in the language. It seems appropriate for either music or Spanish and I just find it very interesting.

I´m also getting Elder Hunt to do it with me.

IT IS REALLY COLD HERE. My hands are freezing as I type.

The branch is really fun. It's basically the same size as Sanlúcar. The majority are from South America. The other majority is from the UK. Old retired Brits. hahahaha

Our piso is nice. It has electric heating instead of buying the giant gas tanks every few weeks. It's such a luxury. The showers are always hot.

I sleep in a very large bed. Veteran Missionary. jajaja

We are far away from other areas. Which is kind of sad. It was nice seeing other missionaries all the time in Málaga. But alas those days are gone.

We had branch Choir practice last night. It reminded me of Heritage Oak Choir. jajaja And made me miss Men´s Chorus.

I love you so much. Have a great week.

Elder Kirkham

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well. After a sad phone call from President Deere. I am being transferred.

Due to the present lack of missionaries in the mission they are taking all Double companionships out. Meaning they're only leaving one companionship per ward or branch. That mean Adios Elder Kirkham.

My new area and probably dying area is

Torrevieja in Alicante. Its a branch.

I don't know what else to write. 
Its really cold. REALLY REALLY COLD!!!!!!!!!!

I've been a little under the weather lately. But not so bad. Just feeling a little blech. 

Elder Rodriguez is going to a different ward in Alicante. They're splitting us up.

I´m going with a pretty new missionary. His name is Elder Neira. I don't know him. Just that he's a native speaker.

I better be able to test out of a bunch of classes after having so many native companions. I honestly think I´m one of the missionaries that has had the most native comps.

Juan, one of our investigators informed us that he thinks he might already be baptized in our church......we'll have to call Salt Lake.

Carina and her family cried when we told them we were leaving. So did I. They told us that they´re getting baptized.

Same with Rolando. Minus the fact that he´s baptized.

My comp and I picked olives last Friday. It was freezing and rainy. We ended up going inside because the wind had blown all of the olives off. How sad. But it was still fun.

I feel just a little bitter (not angry) just a little bitter about transfers. But asi es la vida misional.

Andy sigue siendo un cara-culo por haber traducido mis tonterías. Y sé como hablan los hondureños porque hay dos sirviendo aqui en Málaga conmigo. Cara-culico. es broma.

I laughed my bum off last night with a recent convert family. They are hilarious.

We (all the elders in Málaga, but not the hermanas because they didn't want to come) climbed the mountain of Málaga this morning and saw the sunrise. It was really cool. We could see all of our pueblos.

I keep forgetting what Christmas is. And what month we're in. 

What does spinach dip taste like?
I don't remember.

I was scolded by an old Spanish paco because I was leaning against a tree and there was a piece of trash on the ground by my feet. OBVIOUSLY that means that I left it there. (tonto) He put a dumb face on and pointed at the trash can 2 feet away. I, in hiking clothes, responded in Spaniard fashion with arms in the air. Its not mine! Then he hobbled away.

I´m tired. 

We found an American store. The guy gave us free skittles because he likes Americans and he lived in San Francisco. I told him I lived right next to San Fran.....(well for Spaniards, I live right next to San Fran)....

I keep forgetting I´m 21. I feel like an old missionary. 

I´m really sad to leave Málaga. I haven't been in the best mood this weekend. The sickyness isn't helping.

Poor President, he said he felt bad and was sorry he had to move us.

Oh well, the Lord has His purposes. I guess I just have to feel a little bitter to learn this lesson though.
I started looking at BYU classes and schedules. 

I think I'll just stay in Spain for another year or so.

I´m sorry for my sassyness. I´m just not feeling well. 

I don't know what else to write. Sorry if I forgot anyone's Birthday. I love you all.

The tired, sassy Elder Kirkham