Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So its the end of my first transfer here in Málaga.

The time has FLOWN BY!!!!!!

At the beginning of the year we set the goal to baptize 404 people before the end of the year. Well mom you said that your primary class got all the way to the bishop's office with their paper scripture chain and its ONLY NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!

Well, similar things have happened in Málaga this year for the missionaries. 

WE MET OUR GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We reached the goal of 404 baptisms!!!!!!!! AND ITS ONLY NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

President Deere is really excited because we met our goal before the big two groups leave before Christmas and. . .

because now we can work and GIVE OUR HEARTS TO THE LORD. We are not going to set another goal. Our goal is to give all the rest of our time over to the Lord and work from our hearts because we love the people and not just to meet goals and numbers. 

I love the idea. 

We are teaching a family in one of our pueblos. The mom was baptized in Argentina as a teenager but for a LONG time didn´t go to church. Her and her husband moved to Spain and they have their two daughters here. We are teaching the older daughter and the husband. They're really cool. I love that family. The little girl who´s 8 is probably one of the funniest little girls in Spain. She´s "sassy" like you would say mom. But shes really sweet at other times. Every Sunday when she sees me, she glares at me and sometimes sticks out her tongue then runs up and gives me a waist hug (FYI- I do NOT hug her back) but I don't complain either. I Love little kids. She's so funny. I don't know why but I think David and Tyler would think she was funny. She just makes me think of that funny, funny choir class we taught. Such funny little kids. 

The primary was so fun. The program went well. One of the kids who I talked about a few weeks ago who played angry birds with me  sat next to me on the stand. All the kids had ribbons on their wrists- red yellow and blue (primary colors) so this kid (Ismael) was sitting next to me and untied his ribbon and put it in his mouth about 20 seconds then took it out slowly and slapped my leg with his slobbery red ribbon. He just laughed, and I looked into the audience at his family. They had seen the whole thing and were laughing too.

Last night the Spainhowers (senior couple) invited the 4 of us to dinner because it's his last week. They made roast beef with potatoes and carrots, homemade rolls, fruit salad, homemade cheesecake and sweet orange rolls. It was SOOOOOOO good. Then they sent us home with ALL of the leftovers. They are SUCH good people. They remind me of MY sweet grandparents who I love so so much. Perfect examples of dedicated disciples of Christ. Sister Spainhower is actually from Honeyville and knows Marbles from that area (and Tremonton) (I think that's how you spell it)

I love the mission. HOW CAN I BE MORE CHRISTLIKE? HOW CAN I BE MORE DEDICATED AND DILIGENT? I´m trying to do more and change every day. I Love the Savior and His gospel. I Love serving in His vineyard. I Love being PART of something Greater than just me. I Love being part of the Lord's work. Coming on a mission has not only CHANGED ME completely but it has let me be part of this GREAT WORK! Being a missionary has done more with my life than I could EVER have done on my own. I have seen REAL MIRACLES on my mission and I KNOW that God lives and that He LOVES US so much. He sent His SON to give us the chance to become better and return to Him. Jesus Christ Loves us and is our Savior.  

I am doing so so well. Tonight we're going to Fuengirola to the mission home to do the second part of training. The FOLLOW-UP I suppose. (How´s this rascal Elder Kirkham doing?)

I love you all and I pray for you all. 

Elder Kirkham

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