Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hello family. How is everyone?

I´ve just been a little crazy lately. I don't know why. And I´m really tired. 

It's been a good week. It went by amazingly fast.

SO as I was telling you last week we had THANKSGIVING!!!!! It was great!!!!! SO much Fun!
We had mashed taters precious, stuffing, turkey, gravy, jello, pies, sweet potatoes, homemade rolls, fruit salad, creamed corn, I don't remember what else, ice cream.

THERE WAS SO MUCH FOOD!!!  My companion was in AWE!!!!!!
It was so much fun!
 Everyone LOVED it and I said, "you have to thank my mom for this or I wouldn't know how to do it."
I got to have a really good interview with President Deere. He´s awesome. I love being a missionary.

So, while preparing and planning the feast, I admit I got a little trunky, along with the fact that some of my best friends on the mission are leaving in a week. And I thought I need to look at BYU stuff.

So today I got onto BYU (with permission) to look at sign up dates and possible classes, just to browse and get a little taste.  To my horror I found I COULD NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING about my Log-in. And I don't remember how to find ANYTHING on the website. I felt so helpless. But registration starts on Feb 1 I think...for Spring semester and I believe classes start April 30. Which means I'll be sitting at home for OVER A MONTH!!!!!!!


I can't do that!!!!!!!! I Have to go to Utah and sleep on Craig´s couch and find a job or SOMETHING but I am NOT sitting at home for a MONTH!!!!! no no no no no sorry mama. I love you but I know who lazy Matthew is. no no no no and I doubt I can find a job in Cali for a month. no no no I have to leave Roseville.

I know. I´ll just come back to Spain. Problem Solved. Who else wants to come? (and pay for me)

I can't believe you're taking a NORTHERN EUROPE Cruise in the summer? ¿Ehtái Loco? Hay que ver. Con el guapo que es Ehpaña especialmente Andalucía y ¿queréi ir al NORTE de Europa? Mi propio padre. Se le va la olla. Ehtái toho tocao.  (written in Andaluz)   {probable translation:   Are you crazy?  [I don’t think you mean the literal translation of “Hai que ver”, I’d guess something like “oh, my gosh” would get the meaning right].  With how beautiful Spain is, especially Andalucia, and you want to go to NORTHERN EUROPE?!  My own father?  Such is life.  You guys are crazy [I think].}

If anyone can translate that, I shall be very impressed.   {Translation thanks to Andy!}

How bout you drop me off in Spain and you can continue your trip to the North then on your way back you can pick me up :*

So this new family who we started teaching is awesome. We had 7 investigators in church today. They all loved it! The youngest son wants to get baptized. The mom wants to learn more, normal. They're so cool.

I don't remember what else happened. I´m going olive picking this week as a service to a family who is in charge of an olive vineyard or orchard? yo que sé. 

Well, I love you. I´m glad you are all good and are now a few pounds fatter. Me too.

Have a great week.


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