Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hello Family!!! Thank you for your Birthday Wishes and for the lovely letter with the lovely pictures.

My comps are all jealous of my funny creative family. I mean ANYONE can send candy but only the KIRKHAM family can do their picture presents. Needless to say I LOVED IT!!!! Thank you. I love you all.

I especially loved the special "#2" candle on the cake? What is that. I love it.

SO this Thursday is Turkey day. And seeing as it isn't a Catholic holiday, it isn't celebrated in Spain. And the fact that it's an AMERICAN holiday, And it just so happens that the Málaga Zone specialized training this month happens to fall on THIS THURSDAY!!!!!!! YAYA!!!!! So the Hermanas and Elder KitKat decided that we should of COURSE CELEBRATE IT WITH THE WHOLE ZONE!!!!!! YAYA!!!!!!!

Then once we started putting things into action the hermanas said, "how ´bout YOU do it Elder Kirkham". So the hermanas dumped it on me......
Just call me domestic. (thanks mom) SO me and Hermana Deere are planning the big Thanksgiving Lunch after the meeting. Being in Málaga is the best. Every companionship is going to bring something. Hermana Spainhower is going to make her delicious rolls. Mormon rolls. I´m waiting on Hermana Deere to call if she will cook the turkey. It's going to be good. Needless to say.

What else.

We found an AWESOME NEW FAMILY!!!!! They're so cool. It's a mom and two sons. They are just super interested. The younger son has WEIRD questions that make me laugh but oh well. They're excited to come to church this Sunday.

We set some baptismal dates with the husband and daughter of a member in one of our pueblos. (they're not members) They're ready to be baptized. Now we´re just trying to help the older daughter feel the spirit. She's 14 and she's this really funny punk rock vampire kind of girl but she's super funny. She has half of her head shaved but she really likes the Book of  Mormon and she LOVES when the missionaries come. It's hilarious. And she calls me hipster every time I go over there.

Also with another family of members, we set a date with their cousin who moved in a few weeks ago. He´s already been to church twice and loves it. He told us "I already know that this is the right path" super prepared. The Lord is blessing us.

Yesterday was Stake conference in Granada. Elder Richards came and reorganized the stake presidency. The new stake president is from our ward. I don't remember if I told you about the man from Switzerland who´s married to a Spanish lady. We went to their house a few weeks ago. The whole family speaks FLUENT German, Spanish AND English. It was AMAZING!!!!! And they speak to their dog ONLY in German. hahahahaha it was so weird. They´re a super good family. Really disciplined but super nice. He´s the new stake president. I know he´ll do great. And I KNOW that the area presidency and mission president will LOVE that he speaks English. hahahaha

I also got to see elder PEARCE at the conference. He´s serving in Granada so he was there as well. I LOVE ELDER PEARCE!!!!! He´s the best.

Elder Richards and His wife are so amazing. Elder Richards speaks fluent Spanish but his wife uses a translator. She has a general authority voice. Calm super sweet, and expressive. I love them. They told us that the first presidency is VERY worried about the youth. In the Saturday night session he showed us a new website that the church  made for the youth. It's really cool.

It rained SO MUCH here in Málaga. A lot of areas flooded for a few hours. There are a LOT of neighborhoods without power. We had to walk down a scary forest path in the dark last night in a pueblo to get to a cita because the street lights were out.

I think that's about it. I´m planning to eat taco bell today for my birthday and continue with thanksgiving preparations.

I love you all so much. I´m glad that I´m here still after 21 years. hahaha
It's funny because in the United States 21 is HUGE because you can drink. Well I´m in Spain where you can drink at 18, and I´m a missionary so I´m not planning on drinking anyways. I think its funny.

Ok love you all.

Elder Kirkham

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