Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dear Family,

I have very little time but I´ll just share a few things with you from this week.

I ripped my pants while getting into a member´s car. Luckily it was a clean rip down the seam (just came undone) so on Sunday morning, with my handy skills learned from watching project runway, I quickly re-sewed it with human hair. Ok not really. It just seemed like some weird "fashion" thing that you would see on that show. I just used thread made by the Chinese.

It was Halloween (Happy Birthday Craig) How old are you? 31? or something like that. hee hee hee (says the fly with the corn bread) We were invited to the ward Halloween party. I put a paper scar on my forehead, wrapped a bathrobe around me with a paper pinned on the back that said "capa de invisibilidad" (invisibility cloak) and covered KIRKHAM on my name tag with POTTER. I think you can get the hint.

I think I´ll be remembered better now in Málaga as Elder Potter more than Elder Kirkham.

Málaga continues being beautiful. It has rained most of the week. Me and Elder Rodriguez moved our beds around in the bedroom so they all were in a row and made a fort using the lamp, bunk bed, curtain, and a bed frame on its side. And of course a good supply of dirty blankets. Just add an old stale muffin, a flashlight and some scary stories. That's what happened on Halloween night.

I´m still not sure why the Spanish word for muffin is magdalena. Crazy Spaniards.

We´ve been living like gypsies this last week because we had NO MONEY!!!!!!!! The day we got money was the dang useless catholic holiday AFTER Halloween-- All Saints Day. So we had money but EVERYTHING was closed.

But I'm not complaining.

Rolando is doing really well. He´s getting the priesthood so we've been teaching him about the priesthood.

I´ve been EATING UP the past conference magazines we have in our pisos. I LOVE conference!!!!!!!!! I forget about so much stuff.

We are teaching a GIANT family from the Dominican Republic. Almost all of the members are members of the church. The uncle or cousin (I'm not sure) came to church yesterday as did the father of one of our investigators that says he's not interested in the church. (he came but his daughter didn't) ¡Hay que ver!

Supposedly the missionary department has decided to DOUBLE the number of missionaries in Spain. I don't know if we're special or if its going on all over the world. Well, we ARE special but we gotta give the rest of the world a hand.

Primary is great.

Now the youth presidencies have asked me to help put a youth choir together for a Christmas performance. Thank you mom for making me stay in Piano lessons.
Who´da thought they´d come in handy?

I can't remember anything else. It was a rough week missionary work wise. But paso a paso Step by Step

It's President Deere´s Birthday today. What invigorating news. I cant spell. [editorial note:  It's true--I have to correct LOTS of spelling mistakes!  ;) MOM]

My Birthday is in 2 weeks. Strange. I really do NOT believe that another year has passed. WHERE IS MY MISSION GOING?????

I can't think of anything else. Sorry I just remember the weird stuff and don't write about any spiritual things.

Here´s a spiritual thought.

The Lord doesn't care about our Ability or Inability, He only cares about our Availability. If we show Him our Reliability He will give us the Capability to do whatever He asks.

 I have no idea who said that. But I LOVE the quote.
I Love the Book of Mormon and the Scriptures. I LOVE Preach my Gospel. I LOVE MY MISSION!!!!!!!!!


I love you all. Have a great week. I´m praying for you. If you're struggling with something to over come use Ether 12:27 with the quote I wrote before.


Elder Potter I mean Kirkham

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