Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hello family. How is everyone?

I´ve just been a little crazy lately. I don't know why. And I´m really tired. 

It's been a good week. It went by amazingly fast.

SO as I was telling you last week we had THANKSGIVING!!!!! It was great!!!!! SO much Fun!
We had mashed taters precious, stuffing, turkey, gravy, jello, pies, sweet potatoes, homemade rolls, fruit salad, creamed corn, I don't remember what else, ice cream.

THERE WAS SO MUCH FOOD!!!  My companion was in AWE!!!!!!
It was so much fun!
 Everyone LOVED it and I said, "you have to thank my mom for this or I wouldn't know how to do it."
I got to have a really good interview with President Deere. He´s awesome. I love being a missionary.

So, while preparing and planning the feast, I admit I got a little trunky, along with the fact that some of my best friends on the mission are leaving in a week. And I thought I need to look at BYU stuff.

So today I got onto BYU (with permission) to look at sign up dates and possible classes, just to browse and get a little taste.  To my horror I found I COULD NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING about my Log-in. And I don't remember how to find ANYTHING on the website. I felt so helpless. But registration starts on Feb 1 I think...for Spring semester and I believe classes start April 30. Which means I'll be sitting at home for OVER A MONTH!!!!!!!


I can't do that!!!!!!!! I Have to go to Utah and sleep on Craig´s couch and find a job or SOMETHING but I am NOT sitting at home for a MONTH!!!!! no no no no no sorry mama. I love you but I know who lazy Matthew is. no no no no and I doubt I can find a job in Cali for a month. no no no I have to leave Roseville.

I know. I´ll just come back to Spain. Problem Solved. Who else wants to come? (and pay for me)

I can't believe you're taking a NORTHERN EUROPE Cruise in the summer? ¿Ehtái Loco? Hay que ver. Con el guapo que es Ehpaña especialmente Andalucía y ¿queréi ir al NORTE de Europa? Mi propio padre. Se le va la olla. Ehtái toho tocao.  (written in Andaluz)   {probable translation:   Are you crazy?  [I don’t think you mean the literal translation of “Hai que ver”, I’d guess something like “oh, my gosh” would get the meaning right].  With how beautiful Spain is, especially Andalucia, and you want to go to NORTHERN EUROPE?!  My own father?  Such is life.  You guys are crazy [I think].}

If anyone can translate that, I shall be very impressed.   {Translation thanks to Andy!}

How bout you drop me off in Spain and you can continue your trip to the North then on your way back you can pick me up :*

So this new family who we started teaching is awesome. We had 7 investigators in church today. They all loved it! The youngest son wants to get baptized. The mom wants to learn more, normal. They're so cool.

I don't remember what else happened. I´m going olive picking this week as a service to a family who is in charge of an olive vineyard or orchard? yo que sé. 

Well, I love you. I´m glad you are all good and are now a few pounds fatter. Me too.

Have a great week.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hello Family!!! Thank you for your Birthday Wishes and for the lovely letter with the lovely pictures.

My comps are all jealous of my funny creative family. I mean ANYONE can send candy but only the KIRKHAM family can do their picture presents. Needless to say I LOVED IT!!!! Thank you. I love you all.

I especially loved the special "#2" candle on the cake? What is that. I love it.

SO this Thursday is Turkey day. And seeing as it isn't a Catholic holiday, it isn't celebrated in Spain. And the fact that it's an AMERICAN holiday, And it just so happens that the Málaga Zone specialized training this month happens to fall on THIS THURSDAY!!!!!!! YAYA!!!!! So the Hermanas and Elder KitKat decided that we should of COURSE CELEBRATE IT WITH THE WHOLE ZONE!!!!!! YAYA!!!!!!!

Then once we started putting things into action the hermanas said, "how ´bout YOU do it Elder Kirkham". So the hermanas dumped it on me......
Just call me domestic. (thanks mom) SO me and Hermana Deere are planning the big Thanksgiving Lunch after the meeting. Being in Málaga is the best. Every companionship is going to bring something. Hermana Spainhower is going to make her delicious rolls. Mormon rolls. I´m waiting on Hermana Deere to call if she will cook the turkey. It's going to be good. Needless to say.

What else.

We found an AWESOME NEW FAMILY!!!!! They're so cool. It's a mom and two sons. They are just super interested. The younger son has WEIRD questions that make me laugh but oh well. They're excited to come to church this Sunday.

We set some baptismal dates with the husband and daughter of a member in one of our pueblos. (they're not members) They're ready to be baptized. Now we´re just trying to help the older daughter feel the spirit. She's 14 and she's this really funny punk rock vampire kind of girl but she's super funny. She has half of her head shaved but she really likes the Book of  Mormon and she LOVES when the missionaries come. It's hilarious. And she calls me hipster every time I go over there.

Also with another family of members, we set a date with their cousin who moved in a few weeks ago. He´s already been to church twice and loves it. He told us "I already know that this is the right path" super prepared. The Lord is blessing us.

Yesterday was Stake conference in Granada. Elder Richards came and reorganized the stake presidency. The new stake president is from our ward. I don't remember if I told you about the man from Switzerland who´s married to a Spanish lady. We went to their house a few weeks ago. The whole family speaks FLUENT German, Spanish AND English. It was AMAZING!!!!! And they speak to their dog ONLY in German. hahahahaha it was so weird. They´re a super good family. Really disciplined but super nice. He´s the new stake president. I know he´ll do great. And I KNOW that the area presidency and mission president will LOVE that he speaks English. hahahaha

I also got to see elder PEARCE at the conference. He´s serving in Granada so he was there as well. I LOVE ELDER PEARCE!!!!! He´s the best.

Elder Richards and His wife are so amazing. Elder Richards speaks fluent Spanish but his wife uses a translator. She has a general authority voice. Calm super sweet, and expressive. I love them. They told us that the first presidency is VERY worried about the youth. In the Saturday night session he showed us a new website that the church  made for the youth. It's really cool.

It rained SO MUCH here in Málaga. A lot of areas flooded for a few hours. There are a LOT of neighborhoods without power. We had to walk down a scary forest path in the dark last night in a pueblo to get to a cita because the street lights were out.

I think that's about it. I´m planning to eat taco bell today for my birthday and continue with thanksgiving preparations.

I love you all so much. I´m glad that I´m here still after 21 years. hahaha
It's funny because in the United States 21 is HUGE because you can drink. Well I´m in Spain where you can drink at 18, and I´m a missionary so I´m not planning on drinking anyways. I think its funny.

Ok love you all.

Elder Kirkham

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So its the end of my first transfer here in Málaga.

The time has FLOWN BY!!!!!!

At the beginning of the year we set the goal to baptize 404 people before the end of the year. Well mom you said that your primary class got all the way to the bishop's office with their paper scripture chain and its ONLY NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!

Well, similar things have happened in Málaga this year for the missionaries. 

WE MET OUR GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We reached the goal of 404 baptisms!!!!!!!! AND ITS ONLY NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

President Deere is really excited because we met our goal before the big two groups leave before Christmas and. . .

because now we can work and GIVE OUR HEARTS TO THE LORD. We are not going to set another goal. Our goal is to give all the rest of our time over to the Lord and work from our hearts because we love the people and not just to meet goals and numbers. 

I love the idea. 

We are teaching a family in one of our pueblos. The mom was baptized in Argentina as a teenager but for a LONG time didn´t go to church. Her and her husband moved to Spain and they have their two daughters here. We are teaching the older daughter and the husband. They're really cool. I love that family. The little girl who´s 8 is probably one of the funniest little girls in Spain. She´s "sassy" like you would say mom. But shes really sweet at other times. Every Sunday when she sees me, she glares at me and sometimes sticks out her tongue then runs up and gives me a waist hug (FYI- I do NOT hug her back) but I don't complain either. I Love little kids. She's so funny. I don't know why but I think David and Tyler would think she was funny. She just makes me think of that funny, funny choir class we taught. Such funny little kids. 

The primary was so fun. The program went well. One of the kids who I talked about a few weeks ago who played angry birds with me  sat next to me on the stand. All the kids had ribbons on their wrists- red yellow and blue (primary colors) so this kid (Ismael) was sitting next to me and untied his ribbon and put it in his mouth about 20 seconds then took it out slowly and slapped my leg with his slobbery red ribbon. He just laughed, and I looked into the audience at his family. They had seen the whole thing and were laughing too.

Last night the Spainhowers (senior couple) invited the 4 of us to dinner because it's his last week. They made roast beef with potatoes and carrots, homemade rolls, fruit salad, homemade cheesecake and sweet orange rolls. It was SOOOOOOO good. Then they sent us home with ALL of the leftovers. They are SUCH good people. They remind me of MY sweet grandparents who I love so so much. Perfect examples of dedicated disciples of Christ. Sister Spainhower is actually from Honeyville and knows Marbles from that area (and Tremonton) (I think that's how you spell it)

I love the mission. HOW CAN I BE MORE CHRISTLIKE? HOW CAN I BE MORE DEDICATED AND DILIGENT? I´m trying to do more and change every day. I Love the Savior and His gospel. I Love serving in His vineyard. I Love being PART of something Greater than just me. I Love being part of the Lord's work. Coming on a mission has not only CHANGED ME completely but it has let me be part of this GREAT WORK! Being a missionary has done more with my life than I could EVER have done on my own. I have seen REAL MIRACLES on my mission and I KNOW that God lives and that He LOVES US so much. He sent His SON to give us the chance to become better and return to Him. Jesus Christ Loves us and is our Savior.  

I am doing so so well. Tonight we're going to Fuengirola to the mission home to do the second part of training. The FOLLOW-UP I suppose. (How´s this rascal Elder Kirkham doing?)

I love you all and I pray for you all. 

Elder Kirkham

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dear Family,

I have very little time but I´ll just share a few things with you from this week.

I ripped my pants while getting into a member´s car. Luckily it was a clean rip down the seam (just came undone) so on Sunday morning, with my handy skills learned from watching project runway, I quickly re-sewed it with human hair. Ok not really. It just seemed like some weird "fashion" thing that you would see on that show. I just used thread made by the Chinese.

It was Halloween (Happy Birthday Craig) How old are you? 31? or something like that. hee hee hee (says the fly with the corn bread) We were invited to the ward Halloween party. I put a paper scar on my forehead, wrapped a bathrobe around me with a paper pinned on the back that said "capa de invisibilidad" (invisibility cloak) and covered KIRKHAM on my name tag with POTTER. I think you can get the hint.

I think I´ll be remembered better now in Málaga as Elder Potter more than Elder Kirkham.

Málaga continues being beautiful. It has rained most of the week. Me and Elder Rodriguez moved our beds around in the bedroom so they all were in a row and made a fort using the lamp, bunk bed, curtain, and a bed frame on its side. And of course a good supply of dirty blankets. Just add an old stale muffin, a flashlight and some scary stories. That's what happened on Halloween night.

I´m still not sure why the Spanish word for muffin is magdalena. Crazy Spaniards.

We´ve been living like gypsies this last week because we had NO MONEY!!!!!!!! The day we got money was the dang useless catholic holiday AFTER Halloween-- All Saints Day. So we had money but EVERYTHING was closed.

But I'm not complaining.

Rolando is doing really well. He´s getting the priesthood so we've been teaching him about the priesthood.

I´ve been EATING UP the past conference magazines we have in our pisos. I LOVE conference!!!!!!!!! I forget about so much stuff.

We are teaching a GIANT family from the Dominican Republic. Almost all of the members are members of the church. The uncle or cousin (I'm not sure) came to church yesterday as did the father of one of our investigators that says he's not interested in the church. (he came but his daughter didn't) ¡Hay que ver!

Supposedly the missionary department has decided to DOUBLE the number of missionaries in Spain. I don't know if we're special or if its going on all over the world. Well, we ARE special but we gotta give the rest of the world a hand.

Primary is great.

Now the youth presidencies have asked me to help put a youth choir together for a Christmas performance. Thank you mom for making me stay in Piano lessons.
Who´da thought they´d come in handy?

I can't remember anything else. It was a rough week missionary work wise. But paso a paso Step by Step

It's President Deere´s Birthday today. What invigorating news. I cant spell. [editorial note:  It's true--I have to correct LOTS of spelling mistakes!  ;) MOM]

My Birthday is in 2 weeks. Strange. I really do NOT believe that another year has passed. WHERE IS MY MISSION GOING?????

I can't think of anything else. Sorry I just remember the weird stuff and don't write about any spiritual things.

Here´s a spiritual thought.

The Lord doesn't care about our Ability or Inability, He only cares about our Availability. If we show Him our Reliability He will give us the Capability to do whatever He asks.

 I have no idea who said that. But I LOVE the quote.
I Love the Book of Mormon and the Scriptures. I LOVE Preach my Gospel. I LOVE MY MISSION!!!!!!!!!


I love you all. Have a great week. I´m praying for you. If you're struggling with something to over come use Ether 12:27 with the quote I wrote before.


Elder Potter I mean Kirkham

Hello family/ whoever else

It has been a great week.
As usual I don't remember a whole lot.

In other news
Rolando got baptized! He asked me to baptize him.
It was a really cool baptism. The spirit was so strong!!!!!!! I´m so glad that Elder Rodriguez III has this experience his FIRST TRANSFER!!!!

That's what we do in the Málaga Mission.
As always, it's hectic planning and getting everything ready but it turned out really well. 


I´m honestly a little scared of the prospect of going home. But we won't talk about that ok.

Málaga is so so so so fun. We had eating appointments 6 out of 7 days this week. !!!!!!!!! Málaga I is definitely the garden of Eden of the mission. I just love it.

The average attendance in our ward is 120 every week. !!!!!?? Compared to 6 in Motril. It's just so fun. When I was in the CCM in Madrid we did a fake lesson with a girl from Málaga and her friend. She still remembers me from my glasses!!!!!! They invited us over this week and it was so fun. She has a little brother who is slightly autistic and I played with him and his trains and Angry Birds, but with an actual launcher (this bird launching game that I´m too technologically behind to know what it is). It was so funny. His mom walked in and asked what are you doing? We said Killing pigs. (which are supposedly the bad guys- I honestly dont know)

What else. . .

We had a chess tournament this morning. It was so fun. I´m terrible at chess. But I drew a picture instead.

It has been raining for the last few days and it's cold today. Elder Rodriguez hates the rain. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I pray for more rain and he gets mad at me. OH WELL

Elder Rodriguez is a funny kid. He's kind of high strung (ok REALLY high strung) and sometimes he'll start talking and just WILL NOT STOP!!!!!! SO I just sit there, and start drawing or whatever. Then he gets mad. 

I´m sorry I just lose interest of hearing the same stuff about Cataluña and Barcelona. But I love the guy. 

The ward asked me to help in the primary with the music playing the piano.     BEST   SUNDAY    EVER!!!!!!!!

I loved being in primary!. I want to go every week. I went to help them practice for the primary program. Little Andalucían kids are SOOOO funny. But in all honesty there was such a sweet spirit while they were singing. I started tearing up. I only got 2 more weeks before the program. I wish I could stay longer. Oh well.

I´m trying to focus on being more Christlike. I was reading Elder Uchtdorf´s talk Waiting on the road to Damascus. I LOVE THAT TALK. I´m trying to learn more about how the Savior is. I want to share my favorite part with you:

The truth is, those who diligently seek to learn of Christ eventually will come to know Him. They will personally receive a divine portrait of the Master, although it most often comes in the form of a puzzle—one piece at a time. Each individual piece may not be easily recognizable by itself; it may not be clear how it relates to the whole. Each piece helps us to see the big picture a little more clearly. Eventually, after enough pieces have been put together, we recognize the grand beauty of it all. Then, looking back on our experience, we see that the Savior had indeed come to be with us—not all at once but quietly, gently, almost unnoticed.

I LOVE the Lord. I LOVE this work I LOVE the gospel. I KNOW its true. I know that when we learn of Christ we WILL come to know Him and Love Him.

I also have been watching the New Testament videos that the church has put out. I really like them. They're really simple and not a lot of dialogue but they´re really powerful. My FAVORITE FAVORITE is the last supper. That's one of my favorite parts in the New Testament, I absolutely love it. Especially how John tells it. THE BEST!!!!!!

Ok, that's all. I love you all. Take care. I´m praying for you I love you all so so so so much.
Elder Kirkham