Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I don't know why I titled this letter "the calm before the storm", because yesterday was the LEAST calm day of my entire mission.

So first of all. . .

Fabiana got baptized!!!!!!! She is one of the hijas in our REALLY far away pueblo in Cehegín. SUUUUPER far away. (Do we say super in the states? They use it here and I don't remember if I said it in the states. Oh well. I'll see when I get back.) Anyways, Fabiana got baptized.

We were looking for a baptism dress all week and couldn't get one. Her baptism was on Sunday. On Saturday we went to Cartagena to help in a cosecha which was fun. That's a pretty city. One of the members from Molina said she had a dress that could work for a little girl. So after the cosecha we went to her house and it turns out the dress is a strange off-white.

I began to stress because we had told Fabiana's family that we had found one (or so the member had told us) and went a little crazy. But we decided that it was better than nothing.


We get to church on Sunday morning and we go over to the relief society pres. We show her the dress and ask if it will work. She looked a little worried and went over to ask the 2nd counselor in the bishopric. From outside in the hall we hear:

"There's nothing else?........Well I guess it will have to work......Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were baptized in their normal clothes......" (in Spanish)

Great answer 2nd counselor....

So we go over to the baptismal clothes closet and see if there is ANYTHING that an 11 year old girl could wear. We find one that was skinnier and so we decide to try to hem it (sewing skills learned on the mission).

We call the Murcia Elders and ask them if they have white thread. We run over to get it. We get back to the church and there is a member who offers to sew (phew). She starts hemming like a mad woman.


Fabiana and her family arrive 15 minutes into the second hour. The dress is done. We hand it to them. The mom looks at the dress and at her daughter. "This is too short" and sure enough she has a rather tall 11 year old daughter. Go figure. So she asks "Are there any more dresses?" We open the closet and get out one of the NORMAL dresses.

She goes to try it on and the first counselor from the bishopric comes up to us. "Elders, there's no bread for the Sacrament"........
"Can you call the Murcia Elders and see if they have any bread?"............

Another phone call; another walk to the elder's piso.

We get back right before 3rd hour which is Sacrament Meeting. Give him the bread then our mission leader comes over.
"Hey elders, I tried printing off the baptismal program but the computer deleted everything on my pen drive".............



We go try to find the document on the secretary´s computer. NO WHERE
They open up an old baptismal program and since apparently I'm the ONLY ONE WHO CAN TYPE???????? they make me change it.

It's on some strange Spanish word processor that I don't know how to use. There were so many different layers on the page that were all formatted differently. I miss playing the opening hymn.......
After 15 minutes, I finally get it ready and walk out to talk to Elder Brown who is explaining to the hermanas our crazy morning.
5 minutes later our mission leader walks out "Elders, I don't know what I did but something bad happened"..........

I go back and everything on the program has been moved around and is ALLLLLL out of order. I start clicking undo undo undo undo undo undo undo undo until I couldn't anymore. It was completely ruined and I have NO IDEA HOW!
I missed the sacrament hymn.

I'm REALLY feeling impatient (I¨M REALLY MAD) so I just open up a new file and start from scratch. That takes about another 15 minutes. Then we go catch the last 5 minutes of the last talk in Sacrament Meeting. I play the last hymn. Everything is good.

Then after that the Bishop (who was going to baptize Fabiana) comes up and says "Elders, I forgot my baptismal clothing".......
So we go back to the closet and finally find some white pants that he can wear and a weird old white shirt.

After that the baptism went just fine. I don't know if any members knew ANYTHING that was going on. It was the most hectic Sunday of my life. But it was good.

In other news. We set a baptismal date with a Brazilian investigator who is a DEVOUT evangelist. We had a cita with her and the spirit was so strong and she finally said "I´m willing to follow God. If He says I have to get baptized again then I'll be baptized."

It was the answer to our prayers.

In other other news

I went to the mission home. I sat on a bus for 6 hours to get to Málaga with Elder Hales (he was in Cordoba when I was in Sevilla-we were in the same district)
There was a surprise American couple that were members on the bus!!!!!!! That doesn't happen every day.

They gave us 12 euros to buy lunch. Bless them.

Being in the mission home was amazing. I always leave so edified spiritually. I was terrified before but now I feel a lot more at ease. Hermana Deere made 2 GIANT Mormon casseroles (hallelujah)! We had that night of training, we stayed over night, ate a lovely breakfast, had the morning of training. Me and Elder Hales were the only ones who didn't get an interview with President because we had to leave the earliest. We had to get back to Murcia and Alicante.

Friday morning, President calls us and tells me that I will be serving in ...........................drumroll.........................

MÁLAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right. Málaga. There are three wards. I will be serving in Málaga 1 with the zone leaders. (thank goodness I'm not a zone leader)

I'll be serving in the mission capital and be training and do a whitewash. This will be quite the adventure. I´m excited and sad to leave but "Es la vida es así"

I don't know what else to talk about.
I'm leaving tomorrow morning and I'll meet my hijito tomorrow. (I still don't know who it is) There are a few Spaniards, an Elder from England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, all Europeans. We'll see.

Well, I'll tell you more next week. I love you all.

have fun
Elder Kirkham

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