Monday, October 22, 2012

Hello to all.
It's been a busy busy week. Getting a lot of new investigators. Talking to a lot of people on the streets. Coming home REALLY tired. 

Training is a big responsibility, but it's really fun, especially having the zone leaders in the same piso.

On Monday we went exploring around the city. Tuesday we ate with a crazy Paraguayan family (bishop). His wife is a crazy CRAZY lady.
Then we ran over to a baptism that was in our ward but the Hermanas had taught her. Then after that we did splits with the district leader. I went to their area with Elder Phillips (not DL) and Elder Nuñez stayed in our area with Elder Rodriguez. It was so fun to be back with Elder Phillips (he was born in Sevilla right before I got here). Little by little I´m getting to be one of the oldest missionaries in the mission. I cannot believe how fast time is going by. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   And Elder Rodriguez still has almost 2 years. 

I'm trying to remember as best I can how it is to be a new missionary. IT WAS A HUGE REALITY SHOCK!!!!!!!

I remember sitting in our old dirty piso in Sevilla sweating sweating sweating, and thinking, THIS is what I´m doing for the next 2 years of my life......

Oh and how much do I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the best. Everyone should go on a mission. IT'S THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

I´m not a big door knocker because everyone lives in pisos here but yesterday I decided, in almost three weeks we haven´t knocked any doors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(we just stop people in the streets) So we snuk into a building with 8 floors and about 20 pisos on each floor. We go up to the top floor, get out of the elevator and look around. Elder Rodriguez looks at me and says..."Wait, we´re going to knock ALL these doors?".... To whichIi said with a grin "claro" (of course)!

We spent about 40 minutes and got a few floors. We´ll go back a different day.
We taught more lessons this week than the last one. Hurray!

Rolando is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cool cool guy. I love him. He's super dedicated to the church. In just the 3 weeks that we´ve been teaching him he's just been super solid. He had a testimony the first lesson and has just accepted everything. (like it was familiar to him) It's such a good start to Elder Rodriguez´s mission

We had specialized training this week. It was lovely. After a year and a half I got to play the organ!!!! I played a lovely prelude that made all the 2 senior couples in Málaga come up and say. "We love hearing you play, it's like we're in the US again."

How sweet the oldies. I love them. It makes me think of Elder and Sister Kirkham one day (I hope, mom and dad, if you go on a mission you can TOO enjoy the beauties of Málaga, Spain) (ok, it's a stretch, but I dream big)

Church was great. We had investigators there. 
I don't know what else to write. Life is just great!

I love you all. Happy birthday Simon Kirkham. Congrats Andy and Rachael!!!!

and Heidi Paulsen (whatever your new name is)

Love you all

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