Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The title is me sleeping.

I´m soooo tired. But things are good.

Our investigator who was planned to get baptized in 2 weeks has gone to Ciudad Real in La Mancha (not our area). We don't know how long he´ll be there. We are still working with two girls in a pueblo called Cehegín which is VERY far away. Yesterday we went to another REALLY far away pueblo called Yecla (I laugh every time I hear it) to do the monthly sacrament meeting. It took the WHOLE afternoon.

Driving through Murcia is literally like driving through Nevada except Murcia has more interesting buildings and mountains. The landscape is the same. .....desert......shrubbery.......lack of trees.......and it's there for no reason. Just to take up your time.

But Elder Brown DID teach me how to knit on the bus to Cehegín. He's so weird.

In other news. The "not" feria is in Molina. I say not feria because were out of Andalucía so they don't call it feria but its exactly the same. I don't know if it's luck or if I just get moved at the perfect timing, but in every area I've been in, the feria has also been there.

Mission life has become the only thing I know. I try to think about my "normal" life and it seems weird.

I´ve decided to wait til March to come home (meaning I´m staying with my first choice). I´ll start spring semester and probably room with two of the elders in my group (at least one for sure). I´m letting him take care of everything because his sister lives in Provo and is his inside representative into the Provo workings.

Our Brazilian investigator came to church yesterday. After church she told us "everybody here just loves me!"  Good work ward. She also introduced us to her other Brazilian friend. We watched the first vision with them in Portuguese. which isn't so different from Spanish.

I'm so so so so so tired. Just working really hard and trying to do the work the best I can.

Being a missionary is the best thing I've ever done. It's also the hardest thing.

I got the new IKEA catalog in the mail.

We're having a meeting with a member of the area presidency this week.

We might do a mini mission this week with one of the young men in the ward. Elder Brown is going to a leadership training meeting and I would be here all by my lonesome.

I wish I could remember more.

We now do email in the library for free. It's a lot nicer. I think the Muslim lady who owned the internet cafe in Molina misses us now. Pobrecica

Our piso is really clean right now.

I tried making paella yesterday and it turned out nasty. I don't know what happened. Que lastima!

We played ultimate Frisbee as a district today.

Horchata in Spain is SOOOOOOO good.

We got seeds from a moldy melon and are going to use them with Alma 32 talking about faith like a seed at the noche de hogar. We hope no one gets any diseases.  :D

The member who drove us to Yecla has the CRAZIEST conspiracy theories. And an hour long trip to explain them all.

Well that's all.  I love you. I hope this is somewhat informative.
Elder Kirkham

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