Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well, perhaps the most exciting thing I can share with you this week is that I´ve been in the Mediterranean Sea!!!!!


I don't remember if I told you about a woman we talked to in the bus station a few weeks ago. Well, she told us that she was looking for the true church. She was studying with another church at the time.

Well, we gave the reference to the hermanas (she lives in Murcia) and they taught her.
This week Elder Brown did her interview,
And yesterday Elder Valenzuela baptized her in the Sea! Just a little bit away from where her father was baptized YEARS ago.

Me and Elder Brown were witnesses and had to get in the water to watch. It was an amazing experience. 
We drove 45 minutes to Cartagena.

We had planned to go to the same spot where her father was baptized (in a different church) but when we got there, there were about 200 people there. NOT GOOD. So there were a few minutes of confusion. Call someone in Murcia to start filling up the font, or the capilla there in Cartagena. it would take about 2 hours. 
I just kept saying "hay mas playa"... "There are more beaches" so we sent someone in a car to go around the other side of the cliff. They came back saying that indeed there were other beaches :D

We got in our cars and drove 5 minutes to the other side of the little mountain. We parked our cars at a lookout and the people said here we are. There was a big climb down over tons of rocks. But we came to BAPTIZE!!! So we went and climbed down a rocky path down to one of the most beautiful little sea coves. The water was super clear and blue and about 8 people stood on the rocks surrounding.

We (the missionaries) sang a 4 part "Be still my soul" a cappella right there on the rocks. Then 4 of us dressed in white got into the super blue water. It was such a beautiful little once in your mission experience.

This woman is really special. From meeting us in the station to her baptism, 3 weeks. The spirit was really strong. It was just beautiful.

We call it our district baptism. We found, hermanas taught, and the Elders Baptized. Yay for Murcia District!!!!!

We also this week found 14 new investigators. It was really fun. The Lord is blessing us.

Tomorrow we have a special meeting with Elder Kent F Richards from the area presidency. He's going to have a special meeting with the missionaries. I´m SOOOO excited.

Me and Elder Brown have been sick but it happens.

I´ve been trying to focus on being more sanctified as a missionary and as - just me. How can I be more like Christ. 
Its a hard thing. 

Randy (a recent convert who's 18) did a mini mission with us this week. It was really good for him to see in just a few days how his testimony grew. He's a really cool kid. He wants to serve a mission really bad. 

We´re trying to do our best to find and teach and prepare people for baptism. I feel like we're working really hard. We just have to wait for the blessings. We´re talking to tons of people every day. We talk to SO many different kinds of people.

I love the mission. It's hard but it's just one of the best things ever.

I´m sad to hear the one of the Powell´s sons passed away. I'm so glad that I get to share with people that when we follow Christ, we can be with our families even AFTER this life. And I know that that is true. Thanks to Jesus Christ.

I love the Lord and His gospel. I love all of you. Take care. Keep praying. Look for missionary experiences. Take lots of pictures and smile a lot!!!!

Elder Kirkham

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