Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dear Family

Remember, mom, last week how I was so firm in reassuring you that you had my current address and not to worry about putting up a new one.´re going to have to put up a new one. Because I´m leaving Molina.......

I´m leaving Molina because President called me this week telling me that I would be training a new Elder.............

This is where I grab my hair and scream!!!!!!!    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On top of that I WON´T be training here in Molina. I will be whitewashing (it means 2 elders in an area that is new to them both) an area, while training. Well, most likely, said President Deere. They had to call and tell me early so I can go to trainer training tomorrow in MÁLAGA. But I won't know WHO my new companion is or WHERE I'll be serving until this weekend. Probably. So I don´t know WHERE I will be serving.  Fun huh?

But I´m pretty sure my new hijo is a native because, I think there are only natives coming in.

I could be going ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other mission news......

Elder Richards came this week to Spain. We had an amazing conference with him with all the missionaries in Murcia and Alicante. I got to shmooze with him sitting right next to him at lunch. I learned it from you Dad :D  Have those friends in high places.

Their workshops were amazing. Elder and Sister Richards are just amazing people to be around. They both have such a strong yet humble spirit. They are so dedicated to their callings and they just make you feel loved while you're talking with them.

While they were here they reorganized the 2 stakes of Sevilla and Cádiz. I don't know what happened as far as boundary changes but they got new Stake Presidencies.

After our missionary meetings they spoke at a fireside for all the other people to come and listen. President Deere talked about the family patterns in the Book of Mormon. Classic Lehi (just kidding it was REALLY good) and the importance of love and support in the family for individuals to grow and succeed.
Sister Richards spoke of being prepared for general conference and how HER family grew closer together by watching general conference.
Then Elder Richards spoke about the importance of finding light and staying in the light. Spiritually speaking. We need to look for good in this world and hold on to it.

It was really great.

Then Sunday before sacrament meeting, the first counselor in the bishopric asked me to give a talk. It was nice.

Then today we went to the giant Christ statue outside of Murcia capital. We had to climb up this rocky path to get to the top then through a dark cave. But we were the ONLY ones there. It was really cool.

Well, I have to go. I love you all. I´ll have more information of where I´m going next week. Prepare yourselves for general conference. It is such a treat.
Oh, and if David reads this(or if you see him) tell him hi for me.

Elder Kirkham

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well, perhaps the most exciting thing I can share with you this week is that I´ve been in the Mediterranean Sea!!!!!


I don't remember if I told you about a woman we talked to in the bus station a few weeks ago. Well, she told us that she was looking for the true church. She was studying with another church at the time.

Well, we gave the reference to the hermanas (she lives in Murcia) and they taught her.
This week Elder Brown did her interview,
And yesterday Elder Valenzuela baptized her in the Sea! Just a little bit away from where her father was baptized YEARS ago.

Me and Elder Brown were witnesses and had to get in the water to watch. It was an amazing experience. 
We drove 45 minutes to Cartagena.

We had planned to go to the same spot where her father was baptized (in a different church) but when we got there, there were about 200 people there. NOT GOOD. So there were a few minutes of confusion. Call someone in Murcia to start filling up the font, or the capilla there in Cartagena. it would take about 2 hours. 
I just kept saying "hay mas playa"... "There are more beaches" so we sent someone in a car to go around the other side of the cliff. They came back saying that indeed there were other beaches :D

We got in our cars and drove 5 minutes to the other side of the little mountain. We parked our cars at a lookout and the people said here we are. There was a big climb down over tons of rocks. But we came to BAPTIZE!!! So we went and climbed down a rocky path down to one of the most beautiful little sea coves. The water was super clear and blue and about 8 people stood on the rocks surrounding.

We (the missionaries) sang a 4 part "Be still my soul" a cappella right there on the rocks. Then 4 of us dressed in white got into the super blue water. It was such a beautiful little once in your mission experience.

This woman is really special. From meeting us in the station to her baptism, 3 weeks. The spirit was really strong. It was just beautiful.

We call it our district baptism. We found, hermanas taught, and the Elders Baptized. Yay for Murcia District!!!!!

We also this week found 14 new investigators. It was really fun. The Lord is blessing us.

Tomorrow we have a special meeting with Elder Kent F Richards from the area presidency. He's going to have a special meeting with the missionaries. I´m SOOOO excited.

Me and Elder Brown have been sick but it happens.

I´ve been trying to focus on being more sanctified as a missionary and as - just me. How can I be more like Christ. 
Its a hard thing. 

Randy (a recent convert who's 18) did a mini mission with us this week. It was really good for him to see in just a few days how his testimony grew. He's a really cool kid. He wants to serve a mission really bad. 

We´re trying to do our best to find and teach and prepare people for baptism. I feel like we're working really hard. We just have to wait for the blessings. We´re talking to tons of people every day. We talk to SO many different kinds of people.

I love the mission. It's hard but it's just one of the best things ever.

I´m sad to hear the one of the Powell´s sons passed away. I'm so glad that I get to share with people that when we follow Christ, we can be with our families even AFTER this life. And I know that that is true. Thanks to Jesus Christ.

I love the Lord and His gospel. I love all of you. Take care. Keep praying. Look for missionary experiences. Take lots of pictures and smile a lot!!!!

Elder Kirkham

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The title is me sleeping.

I´m soooo tired. But things are good.

Our investigator who was planned to get baptized in 2 weeks has gone to Ciudad Real in La Mancha (not our area). We don't know how long he´ll be there. We are still working with two girls in a pueblo called Cehegín which is VERY far away. Yesterday we went to another REALLY far away pueblo called Yecla (I laugh every time I hear it) to do the monthly sacrament meeting. It took the WHOLE afternoon.

Driving through Murcia is literally like driving through Nevada except Murcia has more interesting buildings and mountains. The landscape is the same. .....desert......shrubbery.......lack of trees.......and it's there for no reason. Just to take up your time.

But Elder Brown DID teach me how to knit on the bus to Cehegín. He's so weird.

In other news. The "not" feria is in Molina. I say not feria because were out of Andalucía so they don't call it feria but its exactly the same. I don't know if it's luck or if I just get moved at the perfect timing, but in every area I've been in, the feria has also been there.

Mission life has become the only thing I know. I try to think about my "normal" life and it seems weird.

I´ve decided to wait til March to come home (meaning I´m staying with my first choice). I´ll start spring semester and probably room with two of the elders in my group (at least one for sure). I´m letting him take care of everything because his sister lives in Provo and is his inside representative into the Provo workings.

Our Brazilian investigator came to church yesterday. After church she told us "everybody here just loves me!"  Good work ward. She also introduced us to her other Brazilian friend. We watched the first vision with them in Portuguese. which isn't so different from Spanish.

I'm so so so so so tired. Just working really hard and trying to do the work the best I can.

Being a missionary is the best thing I've ever done. It's also the hardest thing.

I got the new IKEA catalog in the mail.

We're having a meeting with a member of the area presidency this week.

We might do a mini mission this week with one of the young men in the ward. Elder Brown is going to a leadership training meeting and I would be here all by my lonesome.

I wish I could remember more.

We now do email in the library for free. It's a lot nicer. I think the Muslim lady who owned the internet cafe in Molina misses us now. Pobrecica

Our piso is really clean right now.

I tried making paella yesterday and it turned out nasty. I don't know what happened. Que lastima!

We played ultimate Frisbee as a district today.

Horchata in Spain is SOOOOOOO good.

We got seeds from a moldy melon and are going to use them with Alma 32 talking about faith like a seed at the noche de hogar. We hope no one gets any diseases.  :D

The member who drove us to Yecla has the CRAZIEST conspiracy theories. And an hour long trip to explain them all.

Well that's all.  I love you. I hope this is somewhat informative.
Elder Kirkham

Friday, September 7, 2012

The temperature has gone down SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO rapidly.

Out of nowhere it is SOOOOOOOo windy and a little chilly.

Why won't Spain weather make up its mind????? its like Utah!

A few days ago Elder Brown was sitting on the couch and I was lying on the floor and he said sheepishly, "Can we close the windows? I´m kind of cold", and I just laughed at him because the last 3 months have just been BLAZING hot!!!!!

So it's WAY more desirable walking around now. Which makes us more happy.

I don't know what to write for this week. It's been kind of uneventful. Fun, crazy, busy, but I don't really know what to write. I don't know if this means that it was really uneventful or if the mission life has just truly become normal, bordering the mundane (spelling?)

Just kidding--its crazy--I just have a terrible memory. I think the best part was testimony meeting this Sunday. I´m sorry but Spaniards just take testimony meeting to the next level of story time. A woman got up and just told the story of WHY she wasn't fasting then got back down as if to clear it up if anyone didn't know.

While watching the first vision/restoration movie, Tomasina (our investigator from the SUPER rural part of Bolivia) exclaimed during the movie on seeing a raccoon. "Look! A CAT! It's in the tree! Is it the boy´s friend?"...........the next 10 minutes was spent trying NOT to laugh.

I´m starting to have second thoughts about going home in March. I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!! Almost ALL of my group is going home in FEB. And going home with my group is just the BEST end to the mission. Still not sure. Elder Manning, during zone conference, was trying to convince me to go with him in FEB. We'll see.

We started teaching a Brazilian woman. WHAT A THICK ACCENT. I think that's one of the best things on the mission. 3 people trying to have a deep spiritual discussion in their second language. At least I can understand a lot of Portuguese mix.
It's WAY better than teaching people from Romania.  :D

I´m starting to go crazy with Elder Brown. No real hatred just the eye twitching (Amy) of living with a person 24/7. I love the guy.

I got sad news that one of my old companions went home from the mission. That's sad.

We ate at Domino's today. That was good. And saw giant African tribal dolls dancing to street musicians. I´ll let you all use your own imagination. You gotta love Spain.  :D

I almost bought some pants and a shirt from gypsies today. Luckily I didn´t have enough money.    Again. You gotta love Spain   :D

Sayonara continues working like a crazy woman. Once she gets a day off well have the baptism. It's the worst just sitting in between.

I made more snickerdoodles this week.

The work has been really stressful this week because everyone is getting ready to go back to work and school. Go to the beach before it gets too hot. etc.

My eye literally has been twitching this week. I´m getting REALLY tired. And it just gets MORE AND MORE every day. Sleeping doesn't do anything. I am now a lot past my Hermana date (year and a half) and it's starting to take its toll on me. WHERE IS MY MISSION GOING???????

A seventy is coming next week to visit the mission. Kent F. Richards.

I´m so so excited about general conference. It's the best as a missionary.

This December an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ will be coming to Murcia to create
The Spain Cartagena Stake.

That's right--a NEW stake in SPAIN!!!!! They're taking the Valencia and Elche stakes and forming them into 3 stakes. Valencia, Elche, and Cartagena.   This is SUPER exciting for us. This means that our mission boundaries will probably change as well because Elche stake is in our mission. Valencia is not. So Valencia will take some of Elche after the split so it seems logical to have the mission boundaries change too. We'll see. If I'm still in Molina then it won't affect me.

I´m REALLY tired.

I cut my hair this week.

I sewed my shoe. Yes, I SEWED it. It was falling apart at one of the seams. So I fixed it. Oh, I improooved it. (name that movie?)

When do I need to sign up for classes? and Housing?

I have REALLY boring dreams as a missionary lately. I just spend my dreams walking in the streets contacting people. Can't get away from missionary work. I´m literally sleeping missionary work.

I miss U.S. deodorant. That's all I want, nothing more.

And a nap.

Elder Brown walks on my back almost every other day. Is there a posture class at BYU?

Ok, that's enough nonsense to fill up to keep you all at bay.

I miss reading and napping. But that will come all too soon for my liking.

I love you all.
I´m trying to better my English vocabulary.

Elder Kirkham