Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tired and Tried in Molina

hello family
besicos a todos.
I´m so so so so so so so so tired.
This week has been the hottest yet.
We have moved Pisos
new address
Elder Matthew Kirkham
c/ Estación Nº25  9ºJ
The last line is the same. Still in Molina. Didn't get transferred, just got a new piso.
We had the other missionaries in Murcia come help us today. It's REALLY hot.
We fasted this week on the hottest day, while we were in a pueblo, walking around in the sun, with no water. We got kind of grumpy. Then we went to Mercadona and bought lunch to break our fast.
Our fast was not in vain. We set a fecha with so many of our investigators. María Jose is one more special. She was SUPER scared of setting a fecha and getting baptized, but we went over to her house (after our fast) and talked about baptism, invited her and she said yes. We also invited Sayonara and her two sons to be baptized. They also said yes.
Lorena, who also has a fecha, is really nervous about getting baptized. She's still not sure because she's baptized in the Jehovah´s Witnesses and if she gets baptized she'll lose all of her friends. She's going through Chemotherapy and shes divorced.  There's a lady in her church who takes her to all of her treatments and helps her with her kids when she's really sick. She really likes the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church but is really scared. She really likes our visits though. Shes a really sweet lady. With all of the excuses she could give us, she always finds time for us. She's really special.
Sayonara and her kids are SOOOO ready to be baptized but want to wait until their friend (member) gets back from vacation for their baptism. We´re just trying to keep them going in the right direction. They are a really cool family. Their daughter isn't old enough to be baptized but her mom helps her say prayers and she always says she loves reading the Book of Mormon (she doesn't know how to read) but she likes listening while Sayo reads to her. I just LOVE that family. Elder brown really wants to see them get baptized before he leaves. We´ll see.
The work is going good. Our biggest problem is getting investigators (and members) to church. There were 29 people yesterday at church......This is a WARD were talking about. It was SOOOOOO empty. It was sad. Oh well......Just keep working harder next week.
I really am exhausted. Tonight we're going to Archena and are going to have the Noche de hogar in Sayonara´s house.
I can't believe how fast the time is running away from me. WHERE´S MY TRAINER????? HOW DID I GET HERE?????
Honestly I feel like I´m in some movie and I am racing against the clock.
We´ll be sleeping in our new piso tonight. No more sleeping on the balcony. It's probably better because I have soooo many mosquito bites on my ankles.       itchy    itchy
I hope everyone's enjoying their summer.  Say hello to the family for me. Give everyone 2 Spanish besicos de mi parte.   :*
I love you all. I´m happy. I´m hot. We´re working really hard, but we're also having a lot of fun.
Os quiero muchísimo. Hasta luego
Elder Kirkham

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