Monday, August 13, 2012

This week in Murcia has brought us a visitor
WIND FROM AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This weekend it has reached 48º C which is REALLLLLLY HOT!!!!!
It honestly feels like you open the oven but the heat doesn't disappear it just gets worse.
But it's been a really good week.
We taught a lot. We found some new investigators. Normal.
I tried fake coffee this week. But this stuff does NOT taste like what coffee SMELLS like.
It's a big thing to drink iced coffee here in the summer but obviously the members don't drink real coffee so they drink their coffee substitute which comes from grains and I don't know what exactly. So we were sitting down to eat with a family and there's a pitcher of cold dark liquid and I think it's coca cola (which we drink here every day quite literally-Spaniards LOVE coke) so I think it's that. They ask me if I want some. They pour me some and I take a sip and taste the BITTEREST NASTIEST taste in my whole life.
They later explained what it was..............grossssss......
Sayonara and her son's baptism is this Saturday (this week). So we´ve been planning that. I love them so much they are just an amazing family.
There was a ward activity Saturday night (3 days ago) in Rosario and Antonio´s huerta/campo thing I don't know what to call it. Their field? They made migas (bread crumbs-its a popular meal here of cooked bread crumbs, meat, veggies etc) and barbacoa ooooooooo it was SOOOOO good. And one of the families tried making apple was the thought that counts. We'll leave them the paella and leave to US the apple pie. he he he he he
Sayonara drove us. (She loves us) We stopped at the grocery store with them to pick a few things up and a worker asked who we were and before we could answer Sayo started explaining, "oh these are the missionaries, they teach the word of God from the Book of Mormon and how we can be happy in this life, they leave their home and family for two years to teach people...etc" The worker was really impressed and walked away thanking her and as we walked out I told her that SHE should be a missionary. She said well my sons will go when they're older and maybe when I don't have any more kids I´ll go myself. I just love their family. She was just bringing us meat and food the whole night.
They came to church, loved it, they announced their baptism, we picked out their baptismal clothes and showed them the font and it was just so fun.
On Wednesday our bishop showed up at the house of the part member family we were teaching that lives SUPER far away. Used up ALL of our time we had to teach talking about politics, made us miss the bus then after we ate he said ok elders I gotta go.
We couldn't even teach ANY kind of lesson. I was NOT happy. Then on the hour ride home he was explaining crazy things about apostasy in the United States and how Utah is like Sodom and Gomorrah.........It was one of the least enjoyable moments on my entire mission.
But the week is good. Spain was SILENT yesterday after the game. Mostly because it was blazing hot and people weren't outside but also because of the SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEH HEEE HEEEEE USA!!!!!!!!!
Well that's it I love you all. Have an amazing week. Happy Birthday again mama.
Oh and I´m going home March 21. I felt like I should extend so, I did.
Love you all
Elder Kirkham

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