Thursday, August 23, 2012

SAYO AND KELVIN GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HURRAY!!!!!! On Saturday it was their baptism! It was such a sweet and spiritual baptism. I´ll talk about that later.

So the week started out going to Murcia for pday. We got library cards! Just because we could. They're way cooler than the cards the Roseville library gives you. Then we went to the capilla with the other missionaries, ate lunch, played basketball (for elder Brown-I´m so terrible) and once it got really hot we went back inside (the court is outside) and played dumb little group games (which are so fun).

Then we went to Archena for the noche de hogar and taught about the importance of music in the church. Which was really fun for me. I used a lot from the First presidency´s intro to the hymnbook.

Tuesday we did exchanges with the zone leaders (Murcia elders) elder Pearce came with me to Molina. He did the two baptism interviews and we taught a few more lessons that night. 

The next morning we went to Las Torres (another pueblo) and since we couldn't make any calls last week we had to wing it and hope people were home. We went and visited Lorena. She's so cool. She's a really special lady. We had one of the more spiritually charged lessons on my mission. She's a Jehovah´s Witness but she always tells us that her church just doesn´t fill her. There are a lot of things she doesn't like or agree with. After this lesson she agreed to come to church on Sunday which is a BIG deal for her.

The rest of the week was a little hard because we didn't have any saldo but we did the best we could. We prepared everything for the baptism and taught a lot of investigators.

The baptism:

First of all, they got there late, but so did ALLLLL the other people. If you think Mormon Standard time is bad in the States-come to Spain.
It was scheduled for 7:00 pm or how they use 24 H clocks here 19:00 h. Well the people got there at 7:30 and the baptism started at 7:45ish. But it was so sweet. We had ALL the members from Archena come and support Sayo and Kelvin. 

Elder Brown baptized Sayo and I baptized Kelvin. Right before going into the water Sayo was praying and then stayed in the little stairwell behind and watched Kelvin get baptized. The spirit was so strong. They were so happy. After Hna. Cachari and Hna. Rosario (members from Archena) gave their testimonies and Sayo started crying. Then Kelvin gave his 11 year old testimony like a champ. He´s such a cool kid. He LOVES the church. (I told you that they fight over who gets to say the prayer) Then Sayo got up and bore her testimony and was crying, it was so tender. I love them so so so much. 

After that I played an arrangement (my own) of The baptism song "I like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain" with "I love to see the temple" which will one day be their goal. The spirit was so strong. Luckily I didn't cry because I sang as well. It was really special. 
Then after that it was to the campo otra vez. We had a little fiestica with a giant cake and little Spanish foods. (which of course includes olives) We gave Sayo and her family some nice hard cover scriptures-a bible and a triple along with a picture of the Madrid temple. It was so fun.

Then they received the spirit yesterday. It was SUCH a hectic day at church. There were 9 investigators at church. I, of course, got stressed trying to herd them from class to class and keep them far away from the crazy members. It was really good but i was really tired after. 

After Sunday school, Sayo´s other son Justin came up to elder brown (I was talking with Lorena) and said "I wanna get baptized".

So of course we set the date for this Saturday. The hermanas are having a baptism too so it will work perfectly.

Lorena then disappeared. I was looking ALL over the church. I finally saw her through the door of the bishop's office which was ajar (is that really a word?) The first counselor in the bishopric was bearing his testimony to her for about 10 minutes. Then I realized HE used to be a Jehovah´s witness too. He must know her from before. We´re not sure but that's what we think happened.

Tonight at the noche de hogar we´re going to try to play mafia but use instead the gadianton robbers. (see how we´re clever like that) ;D

It was a really good great week. I know this is the Lord's work. I know He loves His children. Which means He loves YOU!!!

I love you too. Have a good week. It is scheduled to not be quite as hot this week. So well see.

Elder Kirkham

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