Monday, August 27, 2012

I am sooooooooooo tired.

It was a good week. It went by SUPER FAST. 

Justin did NOT get baptized this week because Sayonara got a job out of no where. So Saturday night-no baptism. So we said Sunday after church-she had to take her baby to the hospital-no baptism. 

So we said Monday night at the noche de hogar because Rosario and Antonio have a pool so we´ll just do it there. We coordinated it with the mission leader but in the end I don't know if it was the bishop or WHO but it won't happen tonight. So it's planned for this next Sunday after church. We´re praying that no more surprises pop up. But they are doing so so good. (Sayo and her family) oh and if no one ever realized Sayonara (like saying good bye) ya we still don't get that one but we love her still. Her sister is named Geoconda. If you ask me, Sayo got the better name. :D

We´re frustrated with our ward leadership because NOTHING is getting coordinated and they're not helping with the mission work. But the members are helping us a lot. The work is doing really well we have a LOT of investigators and our district is doing really well here in Murcia as a whole. 

The bishopric FLIPPED out because the baptismal font was left full over night after the hermana´s baptism. It made Sunday not as enjoyable getting yelled at by Spaniards. And the poor hermanas got the brunt of it. Its called a mistake. Sorry

But having sacrament meeting at the end has its benefits because you leave church feeling really good.
Oh by the way, I gave a talk yesterday on the Book of Mormon. I talked a lot about the Bible TOGETHER with the Book of Mormon. The prophecy in Ezekiel, Nephi´s vision when he sees the gentiles carrying a book across the many waters (bible) and then the Lord revealing the many plain and precious parts that were lost. I talked about Christ visiting His OTHER SHEEP. etc. It turned out really well for the 5 minutes I put into preparation. Well, when you have a topic you know really well you don't need SOOO much preparation. But it turned out well.

A missionary who served in our mission (who lives in Murcia-the mission boundaries changed 2 years ago so he ended up having his home in his mission) got to baptize his mom this week after about 10 years waiting. I got to play the piano at that baptism it was special.

Our noche de hogar in Archena was really good. We went to the house of 2 investigators. They have this BEAUTIFUL house with gardens and a little tree house and big nice patio. The kids were really happy.

We taught a few new investigators this week, went on splits, found a really cool couple in Murcia with Elder Pearce who now have a baptismal date, what else, traveled a lot, sweated a LOT, drank a LOT of water.

Made snikerdoodles and paella (a member invited me to come make it WITH her this week so I can perfect it) :D
Paella is a REALLY typical food here on he eastern part of Spain. Murcia, Alicante and Valencia are HUGE on their paella.

Last night there were fire works for some Virgin Holiday - I don't know what exactly -

I bought a suit for 18 euros but I might return it because the jacket is snug. That was a real find.

There are a LOT of crying children right now in this locutorio (internet place).

I don't know what else happened. I'm really tired. All I want to do is sleep.

Going to bed on time and waking up on time- I still wake up tired and wish I could sleep more.

Hurray for the ADOPTION!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what else.

We had to go to Murcia and do the baptismal interviews for the family that got baptized this weekend. They made us the most delicious empanadas. So good. They thought I was Spanish (mind you they ARE South Americans but still that's saying something) :D I could never convince a real Spaniard but someone who shares the language. That's an accomplishment!
Um I don't know what else. Transfers were this week. Me and Elder Brown are both still here. 

I'm just so tired. I love you all. The Lord is blessing us and we're seeing miracles all the time.

Have a good week. Count your many blessings. I love you.
Elder Kirkham

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