Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 9, 2012

Hello Family and anyone else who reads this blog!!!!!
A Few things.
The old blog is still there if you want to see it but Hermana Deere has started a new one.
They LOOK the same but for the new one you have to write THEspainmalagamission. We´ve added an article to the blog name :D
So its been a really good week. We met President Deere and his family. They´re just great. Such amazing people. SOOOOO Young. They´re both going to turn 50 while serving!!!!!!! That's JOVEN!!!!!
They have 2 kids in the mission home, one returned missionary at BYU and one currently serving. At this Conference we had this week we could tell that it's going to be different having a mission FAMILY, not just President and Wifey. But it will be really great.
I don't know if you remember a few months ago we had a DIA DE DIAMANTE where we just contacted in the streets all day long. Well as a mission we ended that day with almost 1500 future people to teach.
Well as we did that on the last Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th has landed AGAIN in July, WE¨RE HAVING ANOTHER DIA DE DIAMANTE!!!!!! Our goal is 3000 futures in the mission. WOW
Missionaries who have friends and family members say that all the other missions in Europe have heard about Málaga´s dia de diamante and want to copy us. WE¨RE FAMOUS! WE´RE THE BEST MISSION IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!
Anyways, this last week we had the conference. We went to our REALLY far away pueblos this week. We were in the bus SOOOO LONG!
We found 8 new investigators. One of the new investigators came to church. Investigators from our far away pueblo came too. It was really good.
Transfers are this week. We´re staying the same. We´re still working on getting a car here. The members are "teaching" us to drive stick as much as we can without actually driving their cars. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, CLUTCH!!!!!!!! We´ll see how this goes. Elder Brown has more experience driving stick. If you can search online what you have to do to get your international license. If we do it through the states there's no test and like 15 dollar fee. If you do it here there's a written and driving test and a REALLY big fee. so......
We were at one of our pueblos and we rang this door (the intercom outside) to a less active member's and were waiting for them to answer and this lady passed by and rang another door and told them "María, if they knock don't answer. It's the Jehovah's witnesses" then she turned and started walking away. I was honestly disgusted. What a RUDE thing to do. I have never been so MAD at anyone on the mission before this lady. Well, Elder Brown yelled at her. And I didn´t stop him. I was completely awestruck of what she had done. She had walked by the building stopped, made us move out of her way, rang and in front of our faces (literally) told her friend not to open the door. How rude to us and how rude to the Jehovah´s witnesses. Elder Brown probably shouldn't have yelled but I honestly felt better after. I was SOOOOOOOO SOOOOO mad at her. How can people be so rude?
But other than that the week was really good. Our new investigators are families. HURRAY!!!!!!!!! Its so hard to teach whole families here. And they´re really excited about the gospel. They´re excited to read the Book of Mormon. It was really great.
Today we´re going to go with the elders and hermanas in Murcia to DOMINO´s!!!!! And for 6 € you can eat all the pizza you want. So obviously the missionaries are ALL over that. After, we´re going to the cathedral. We are debating on playing zoo inside. (joking) But honestly if you make me pay to enter into a church, I´m sorry it just becomes a museum to me. And that's honestly how they treat it here anyways. Oh Spain.How I love you.
It's REALLY REALLY hot here. But we´re doing really well. We´re really happy.
The work is good. The work is true. I know it is. I love the gospel and I love being a missionary.
Besicos (that's how people in Murcia talk)(instead of -ito besito its -ico besico) (bolsica, perrico, bonico, etc) Its fun
Ok love you all
Cuidaos, os quiero un montón
Elder Kirkham
PS parents can you check online what you need to get an international license? just for info?

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