Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello Family!!!!!! (and those not so closely related to me but I love still) :D
This has been a CRAZY CRAZY week.
We had Dia de Diamante where we spend all day just talking to people in the streets and knocking doors. (30 years ago that was the mission in Spain EVERY day) but not anymore!!!!
We found 6 more new investigators this last week. Which is really good.
NONE of them came to church, which is NOT very good.
We had a lovely Noche de Hogar last night in the campo (field) (what do we call that in English) of one of the recent converts.
We´re reaching (going beyond) weekly goals. :D
We have really good investigators
I have a really good companion
We´re moving from our scary piso in 2 weeks
We´re having ANOTHER conference (what happened to 1 a month?) We had the GOODBYE, then the HELLO, now the REAL conference heee heee heee (I´m a witch) ok no not really. But you already knew that.
I´m in a really happy mood right now
The Lord is answering our prayers
We got 51 references or futures on dia de diamante
Plans are going forward with a CAR. It's not fo sho but its going in the posotive direction (spelling?)
I have money finally from reimbursements
I found a delicious sauce at Mercadona (the best grocery store in Spain)
My shoe pads are now destroyed (as of 2 months they were not functioning) but I´ll buy sturdy rubber ones soon
It rained on us 2 nights ago. We continue to sleep on the balcony
We went to a museum in Murcia then had to run to go to Archena (pueblo) which gave us no time to write email
Story time
When I went to Cadiz I came back with my ears just CLOGGED. I couldn't hear at ALL.  It was rediculous. So last week I went to a Spanish hostipal (FINALLY) and it wasn't even a public one because those are scary and not nice to foreigners (they dont take care of you). So I went to a private clinic.  They checked my ears gave me a prescription for some ear drops. Then this morning I went back and they shot TONS of water into my ear with a giant syringe and ALL the wax came out. Now I can hear so so nice. It was SUCH a huge difference. The nurse was surprised with all the wax I had. Kind of a gross story but it's what happened. Yesterday in Murcia we found an American sweets shop that had cereal and cake mix and frosting and pop tarts and maple syrup and just everything they DON'T have in Spain. I bought some cake mix and some frosting. DELICIOUS..........oh how scruptious. ........scrumptuleciant.....or however you spell that word Sharlene!
Happy birthday to my brother and niece. Hope it was just Lovely
I´m getting nervous as I have less than 7 months left (WHERE DID THIS TIME GO????)
When do class enrollments start?
Elder Valenzuela is now in my district. I was his District leader in Sanlúcar. Now he´s my Zone leader. (if you remember he´s from Erika´s home stake. Now that I think of it, did I ever tell you that?. oh well) He´s my bud
I got a letter from Tyler
I have about 10 letters (not joking) sitting on my table sorry friends
We went to a Chinese buffet. I ate so much tempura shrimp and veggies. IT WAS SOOO GOOD
I´m scared of making choices after the mission. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?????
I´m playing the piano muy POCO.
I´m so SOOOO happy about Jennifer's House and Dad´s interview. Two big answers to my prayers.
Life is very VERY busy. We´re working really hard. Sweating a lot. Praying a lot. Reading a lot. You know, the usual.
I love you all so so much. I´m praying for you. I miss you.
Un besico de la parte de vuestro amigo KitKat. ;D
Elder Kirkham

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