Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Alley Meetings and Apostasy

I try to get creative with my titles for my messages. You´re all probably less than impressed.
Dear queridos mios
How are you all? This has been a really good week. But also a trying week. Miracles and mishaps.
To start it off we taught a LOT of lessons and found 5 new investigators. The Lord is blessing us a LOT.
We´re working hard to find more and to contact people from Dia de Diamante.
We have taught this woman named Lorena a few times. She just finished chemotherapy a few weeks ago and now is on radiation. We set a baptismal date with her after watching the first vision. She just LOVED the movie. We also set a date with another investigator named Sonia. She's from Bolivia. She's SUPER sweet and generous. She really likes the church. She went to the open house a few years ago at the temple in Bolivia.
Also, my favorite family we´re teaching is just doing great. We REALLY wanted to set a baptismal date last week with them but we ran out of time in the lesson. So yesterday we were there and we started reading about baptism. Why Christ was baptized and why baptism is a blessing. After reading a few scriptures she got kind of quiet and asked "what does someone have to do to get baptized in this church?" We read about the baptismal covenant and invited her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. She accepted happily. Along with her two sons. It was such a great lesson. We are planning their baptism for August 25. Her name is Sayo (Sayonara) and her sons Kevin and Justin (Kev y Jus).
After we had our Noche de Hogar in this big open alley behind the house of a member. It was so fun. We played zoo (of course) and talked about repentance. I love Archena. (the pueblo)
My other favorite investigator is NOT doing so well. Olga. The black girl. We called her legal guardian this week wanting to meet with her so she would give Olga permission to go to Church and be baptized. We called her. She told us if we called Olga again she would call the police. Now even though she has no ground to call the police we have to respect her. So we can't meet with Olga anymore. Some people can just be so closed minded.
Another investigator dropped us this week. A couple who just had a new baby. They said their lives are just too busy right now. Which is understandable. Then on Friday night we went to their mom's house who's about 60. We were talking about the importance of reading the scriptures. She started crying halfway through the lesson saying, "I´m old and the things I read don't stay very well in my mind but I want to be baptized so bad"..........we were just stunned. We hadn't even talked about baptism. We would have set a date but this lady works on Sundays and can't come to church for a few weeks. So once she goes we´ll set one. She's such a sweet lady. And she said she´ll make her son take her to church too.      :D
We went today to the Cathedral in Murcia. Wow. It was impressive. Not as big as Sevilla (the largest Cathedral in Spain) but still big. And full of gold. I took a lot of pictures. It was really interesting. I really like visiting Cathedrals. After we went to look at the rebajas (the super sales) in a few suit shops. Didn't buy anything. Then we went to the capilla and ate together and played games and I played the piano. Now were here and I´m writing you.
We´re trying to work as hard and efficient as possible with all the work there is right now. I love this area and I love these people so much. I love my companion. He´s hilarious. We get along really well. The work is progressing. I love the Lord and His gospel. I am so grateful to be a missionary. It's the best!!!!
Go on a mission!
Elder Kirkham

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