Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Alley Meetings and Apostasy

I try to get creative with my titles for my messages. You´re all probably less than impressed.
Dear queridos mios
How are you all? This has been a really good week. But also a trying week. Miracles and mishaps.
To start it off we taught a LOT of lessons and found 5 new investigators. The Lord is blessing us a LOT.
We´re working hard to find more and to contact people from Dia de Diamante.
We have taught this woman named Lorena a few times. She just finished chemotherapy a few weeks ago and now is on radiation. We set a baptismal date with her after watching the first vision. She just LOVED the movie. We also set a date with another investigator named Sonia. She's from Bolivia. She's SUPER sweet and generous. She really likes the church. She went to the open house a few years ago at the temple in Bolivia.
Also, my favorite family we´re teaching is just doing great. We REALLY wanted to set a baptismal date last week with them but we ran out of time in the lesson. So yesterday we were there and we started reading about baptism. Why Christ was baptized and why baptism is a blessing. After reading a few scriptures she got kind of quiet and asked "what does someone have to do to get baptized in this church?" We read about the baptismal covenant and invited her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. She accepted happily. Along with her two sons. It was such a great lesson. We are planning their baptism for August 25. Her name is Sayo (Sayonara) and her sons Kevin and Justin (Kev y Jus).
After we had our Noche de Hogar in this big open alley behind the house of a member. It was so fun. We played zoo (of course) and talked about repentance. I love Archena. (the pueblo)
My other favorite investigator is NOT doing so well. Olga. The black girl. We called her legal guardian this week wanting to meet with her so she would give Olga permission to go to Church and be baptized. We called her. She told us if we called Olga again she would call the police. Now even though she has no ground to call the police we have to respect her. So we can't meet with Olga anymore. Some people can just be so closed minded.
Another investigator dropped us this week. A couple who just had a new baby. They said their lives are just too busy right now. Which is understandable. Then on Friday night we went to their mom's house who's about 60. We were talking about the importance of reading the scriptures. She started crying halfway through the lesson saying, "I´m old and the things I read don't stay very well in my mind but I want to be baptized so bad"..........we were just stunned. We hadn't even talked about baptism. We would have set a date but this lady works on Sundays and can't come to church for a few weeks. So once she goes we´ll set one. She's such a sweet lady. And she said she´ll make her son take her to church too.      :D
We went today to the Cathedral in Murcia. Wow. It was impressive. Not as big as Sevilla (the largest Cathedral in Spain) but still big. And full of gold. I took a lot of pictures. It was really interesting. I really like visiting Cathedrals. After we went to look at the rebajas (the super sales) in a few suit shops. Didn't buy anything. Then we went to the capilla and ate together and played games and I played the piano. Now were here and I´m writing you.
We´re trying to work as hard and efficient as possible with all the work there is right now. I love this area and I love these people so much. I love my companion. He´s hilarious. We get along really well. The work is progressing. I love the Lord and His gospel. I am so grateful to be a missionary. It's the best!!!!
Go on a mission!
Elder Kirkham

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello Family!!!!!! (and those not so closely related to me but I love still) :D
This has been a CRAZY CRAZY week.
We had Dia de Diamante where we spend all day just talking to people in the streets and knocking doors. (30 years ago that was the mission in Spain EVERY day) but not anymore!!!!
We found 6 more new investigators this last week. Which is really good.
NONE of them came to church, which is NOT very good.
We had a lovely Noche de Hogar last night in the campo (field) (what do we call that in English) of one of the recent converts.
We´re reaching (going beyond) weekly goals. :D
We have really good investigators
I have a really good companion
We´re moving from our scary piso in 2 weeks
We´re having ANOTHER conference (what happened to 1 a month?) We had the GOODBYE, then the HELLO, now the REAL conference heee heee heee (I´m a witch) ok no not really. But you already knew that.
I´m in a really happy mood right now
The Lord is answering our prayers
We got 51 references or futures on dia de diamante
Plans are going forward with a CAR. It's not fo sho but its going in the posotive direction (spelling?)
I have money finally from reimbursements
I found a delicious sauce at Mercadona (the best grocery store in Spain)
My shoe pads are now destroyed (as of 2 months they were not functioning) but I´ll buy sturdy rubber ones soon
It rained on us 2 nights ago. We continue to sleep on the balcony
We went to a museum in Murcia then had to run to go to Archena (pueblo) which gave us no time to write email
Story time
When I went to Cadiz I came back with my ears just CLOGGED. I couldn't hear at ALL.  It was rediculous. So last week I went to a Spanish hostipal (FINALLY) and it wasn't even a public one because those are scary and not nice to foreigners (they dont take care of you). So I went to a private clinic.  They checked my ears gave me a prescription for some ear drops. Then this morning I went back and they shot TONS of water into my ear with a giant syringe and ALL the wax came out. Now I can hear so so nice. It was SUCH a huge difference. The nurse was surprised with all the wax I had. Kind of a gross story but it's what happened. Yesterday in Murcia we found an American sweets shop that had cereal and cake mix and frosting and pop tarts and maple syrup and just everything they DON'T have in Spain. I bought some cake mix and some frosting. DELICIOUS..........oh how scruptious. ........scrumptuleciant.....or however you spell that word Sharlene!
Happy birthday to my brother and niece. Hope it was just Lovely
I´m getting nervous as I have less than 7 months left (WHERE DID THIS TIME GO????)
When do class enrollments start?
Elder Valenzuela is now in my district. I was his District leader in Sanlúcar. Now he´s my Zone leader. (if you remember he´s from Erika´s home stake. Now that I think of it, did I ever tell you that?. oh well) He´s my bud
I got a letter from Tyler
I have about 10 letters (not joking) sitting on my table sorry friends
We went to a Chinese buffet. I ate so much tempura shrimp and veggies. IT WAS SOOO GOOD
I´m scared of making choices after the mission. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?????
I´m playing the piano muy POCO.
I´m so SOOOO happy about Jennifer's House and Dad´s interview. Two big answers to my prayers.
Life is very VERY busy. We´re working really hard. Sweating a lot. Praying a lot. Reading a lot. You know, the usual.
I love you all so so much. I´m praying for you. I miss you.
Un besico de la parte de vuestro amigo KitKat. ;D
Elder Kirkham
July 9, 2012

Hello Family and anyone else who reads this blog!!!!!
A Few things.
The old blog is still there if you want to see it but Hermana Deere has started a new one.
They LOOK the same but for the new one you have to write THEspainmalagamission. We´ve added an article to the blog name :D
So its been a really good week. We met President Deere and his family. They´re just great. Such amazing people. SOOOOO Young. They´re both going to turn 50 while serving!!!!!!! That's JOVEN!!!!!
They have 2 kids in the mission home, one returned missionary at BYU and one currently serving. At this Conference we had this week we could tell that it's going to be different having a mission FAMILY, not just President and Wifey. But it will be really great.
I don't know if you remember a few months ago we had a DIA DE DIAMANTE where we just contacted in the streets all day long. Well as a mission we ended that day with almost 1500 future people to teach.
Well as we did that on the last Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th has landed AGAIN in July, WE¨RE HAVING ANOTHER DIA DE DIAMANTE!!!!!! Our goal is 3000 futures in the mission. WOW
Missionaries who have friends and family members say that all the other missions in Europe have heard about Málaga´s dia de diamante and want to copy us. WE¨RE FAMOUS! WE´RE THE BEST MISSION IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!
Anyways, this last week we had the conference. We went to our REALLY far away pueblos this week. We were in the bus SOOOO LONG!
We found 8 new investigators. One of the new investigators came to church. Investigators from our far away pueblo came too. It was really good.
Transfers are this week. We´re staying the same. We´re still working on getting a car here. The members are "teaching" us to drive stick as much as we can without actually driving their cars. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, CLUTCH!!!!!!!! We´ll see how this goes. Elder Brown has more experience driving stick. If you can search online what you have to do to get your international license. If we do it through the states there's no test and like 15 dollar fee. If you do it here there's a written and driving test and a REALLY big fee. so......
We were at one of our pueblos and we rang this door (the intercom outside) to a less active member's and were waiting for them to answer and this lady passed by and rang another door and told them "María, if they knock don't answer. It's the Jehovah's witnesses" then she turned and started walking away. I was honestly disgusted. What a RUDE thing to do. I have never been so MAD at anyone on the mission before this lady. Well, Elder Brown yelled at her. And I didn´t stop him. I was completely awestruck of what she had done. She had walked by the building stopped, made us move out of her way, rang and in front of our faces (literally) told her friend not to open the door. How rude to us and how rude to the Jehovah´s witnesses. Elder Brown probably shouldn't have yelled but I honestly felt better after. I was SOOOOOOOO SOOOOO mad at her. How can people be so rude?
But other than that the week was really good. Our new investigators are families. HURRAY!!!!!!!!! Its so hard to teach whole families here. And they´re really excited about the gospel. They´re excited to read the Book of Mormon. It was really great.
Today we´re going to go with the elders and hermanas in Murcia to DOMINO´s!!!!! And for 6 € you can eat all the pizza you want. So obviously the missionaries are ALL over that. After, we´re going to the cathedral. We are debating on playing zoo inside. (joking) But honestly if you make me pay to enter into a church, I´m sorry it just becomes a museum to me. And that's honestly how they treat it here anyways. Oh Spain.How I love you.
It's REALLY REALLY hot here. But we´re doing really well. We´re really happy.
The work is good. The work is true. I know it is. I love the gospel and I love being a missionary.
Besicos (that's how people in Murcia talk)(instead of -ito besito its -ico besico) (bolsica, perrico, bonico, etc) Its fun
Ok love you all
Cuidaos, os quiero un montón
Elder Kirkham
PS parents can you check online what you need to get an international license? just for info?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

SPAIN WON THE EUROCUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Family.
oops I didn´t mean to send that email just by itself. I guess it shows our excitement.
It's so funny because the last month there have been flat screens all around the city at bars and cafes showing all the games in the Eeurocup.
AND SPAIN WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were in the street on our way home when they won and everyone started going CRAZY!!!!!! People were running around in red and gold (is it any wonder that Spain and Gryffindor colors are the same?) with Spain flags tied around necks as capes. Yelling and cheering and dancing and singing. It was the best!!!!
We went upstairs and started dancing on our balcony waving our Spain flags and singing and yelling and cheering. Outside of our piso is a really big fountain and tons of people just got in dancing and splashing water at everyone and so many people came and brought big speakers and had a giant dance party.
I wish we could have been in it. But we celebrated from the safe distance of our 7th floor balcony. Which is also where we sleep.
Anyways. It's been a good week. A REALLY HOT WEEK! It got up to 46º C here which is about 115º F. HOT
I went to Cadiz to pick up my residency card. 7 hours traveling on a bus. GROSSSSSSSSSSSS then a train from Sevilla to Cadiz.
It was so humid once I got to Cadiz but I was so happy to hear the accent that I love so much. People in Andalucía are just so much nicer. (and lazier) I waited for an hour in the train station for the elders to come get me. That night was the semifinal and everything was crazy. Spain won (of course they won the semifinal) and they were late because of the craziness. But I got to watch a good chuck of the game in the train station. :D
I got my card the next morning then it was back on a BUS THE WHOLE WAY!!!!!!!!!!! grossssssss 9 hours on a bus
I was looking at my card on the bus and realized they gave me the WRONG residency status. They gave me working residence (I laugh as if there were jobs in Spain for me to have)so I´ll have to RE-DO it. I´m pretty sure I can do it here in Murcia though.
I sat next to the funniest old lady from Granada to Murcia. We were chatting about the youth these days, lack of respect, how good it is to have handsome young men in the world, the things she doesn't like about the catholic church but is too catholic to change......?, and she gave me her address in Cordoba just in case I need somewhere to eat or sleep. Her name was Dolores (which means "pains" in English-good catholic name for ya) people here are so amazing.
We had last week 2 of our investigators freak out on us and telling all these crazy stories why they didn´t want to go to church because they called them spies and they felt attacked because people came up to them and wanted to get to know them.
This is the couple we would teach by the river and gave us stolen fruit.......ya, so they didn´t like church.......whatever
We're teaching a really cool family, a mom and her three kids. They're so cool. I love them so much.
We had a really good lesson with one of the investigators who has been talking with missionaries for a long time. We prayed so hard to be able to figure out what she needed and to have a lesson that would help her realize what she needed to do. We talked about the rich young man who came to Christ and asked what he needed to do to be saved. Christ told him to sell all he had and to give it to the poor and follow him. Along with the parable of the merchant and the pearl. We were planning on asking HER what sacrifice Christ was asking her to "sell", what she was willing to give up to gain the pearl of great price. We didn´t even have to ask her, she just opened up. "Elders I know I need to be baptized and I want to, I´m just afraid of losing my family and friends" so we set some goals to help her. It was a really powerful lesson.
We´re in a difficult situation with the location and chapel and members and investigators in our pueblos not being able to go to church and us (because of bus schedule) not being able to get home from pueblos. So we called president and he told us he would give us a car the next day. The only problem is neither of us have our European license. So we´re going to talk to our new mission president and see what he thinks and what we need to do to get our license.
Yesterday we woke up with NO WATER. We went to church unshowered and unshaven. It was fun.
President Clegg is now officially gone.
España is the best!
Our funny black girl investigator Olga´s mom still doesn't want her to talk to us or go to church.
life is really good
its really hot
I´m glad Craig got a new car
I´m glad everyones doing well
I´m glad Daniel is a better kid than we ever were
enjoy air conditioning. a luxury we do not have
and clean water, also we don't share that luxury here I mean it's not Honduras but  Elder Brown might leave Molina with kidney stones for drinking from the tap
well I love you all
I´m praying for you
Os Quiero
Elder Kirkham