Thursday, June 21, 2012

I think Molina is the best area ever!!!!!!
It's just so much fun to be a missionary! And I pretty much have one of the funniest companions in the mission. And to add to that he´s probably one of the boldest too. Elder Brown is NOT afraid to call someone a liar. Or tell someone "well that's a lame excuse" hahahahahaha.  Sometimes I freak out "Elder how can you say that!!???" and he responds "well its true isn´t it?"
Theres Elder Brown for ya.
This week has included but has not been limited to:
Good Bye Zone Conference to the Cleggs
staying up WAY too late to make food for our district
2 AMAZING Noches de Hogar (family nights)
Some new investigators
5 investigators at church (YES!!!!!)
The Cleggs speaking in Sacrament meeting
The Cleggs having a heart to heart with Elder Kirkham after Sacrament meeting (I love em)
Throwing fruit off of our balcony after Spain beat Ireland (Eurocup) ¡¡Viva la Roja!!
Continuing to sleep on our balcony because its too dang hot inside
Going on splits with the zone leaders
having a pueblo party (it would be a ward party but it was just the members in one of our pueblos) in Archena
 that's the basics
The zone conference was really good. It was different from others. Instead of giving real workshops they just kind of gave us their final advice and love. We watched a few slideshows about the Clegg´s family and history then about their time here in Spain. We made quilt pieces (no joke) so Hermana Clegg could make a mission quilt when she's bored at home (in Utah of course). Wrote welcome letters to the Deeres. The Cleggs gave each missionary a ring that says PRO (as in professional) which is an acronym (spelling?) of how to be a "pro" basically be successful. PRO. Pray Read Obey. It was really nice of them and they're NOT cheap rings. So it was a nice reminder and gift from them. Hermana Clegg got to give each of the elders a hug (she gave me 2) hee hee hee. And we said goodbye. I was asked to do a musical number. And going along with the theme I was going to do God Be With You. Well about 5 minutes before we started I hear down the hall, misisonaries from the OTHER group singing THAT SONG!!!!!
So I improvised. I played one of my favorite hymns "Jesus the very thought of thee" and I sang as well. I had never practiced but thanks to your persistance in making learn piano I could add some nice accomp. with singing and reading from the hymnbook. They really liked it a lot. I really love that hymn. It just sums up my simple testimony. "Jesus the very thought of thee with sweetness fills my breast, but sweeter far thy face to see and in thy presence rest." I love my Savior Jesus Christ.
We had really good noches de hogar. Both of them had more investigators than members. It was great!!!!! The spirit was really strong in both of them. All of the investigators in our Noche de Hogar in Archena (pueblo) came to church!!!!! (and it's farther away than Molina to Murcia)
The Cleggs spoke in our Sacrament meeting. It was SOOO good. Everyone loves them. How can you NOT? He´s the Hinckley family dentist for crying out loud! Then they stayed between (we have sacrament meeting last) and we just talked and they told us stories and what they love about the mission and not wanting to go home. And I asked them what they thought about going home date. They told me to keep thinking about it. February seems to be coming VERY VERY soon. Where are these 2 years going???? I really REALLY love my mission! It makes me sad to think of going home to be honest. I remember Andy told me this before I left and it seemed weird to me but you honestly forget what life was like before. What did I DO????? I can't remember NOT being a missionary. It's like a new little life for 2 years.
Our investigators are doing REALLY REALLY well. We had one of the most spiritual lessons on Sunday during Sunday school in Gospel Principles. One of the recent converts gave her testimony. How she was so scared of missionaries.She thought the church was so strange. We´re FREAKS. And when the missionaries came to her house she didn't want to talk with them. She was actually studying with Jehovah´s Witnesses. But then something chaged. She went to church, started reading the Book of Mormon and she felt the Spirit. THAT is where our testimony comes from. You can´t deny testimony that comes from the Spirit.
I know, and my testimony keeps getting stronger every day, that God has restored HIS church on the Earth. Its not Joseph´s Smith´s Church, or Mormon´s Church, or Thomas Monson´s Church. It is the Lord´s Church. The Church of Jesus Christ. The name of the Church in Spanish is 21 syllables. I DONT waste my breath saying the church´s true name because it REALLY is the Church of Jesus Christ. I know it. Thanks to this Church we can live with our families FOREVER.
I love my mision. I love being a missionary. I know that the message I´m sharing is true. And that if someone wants to be closer to God they can read the Book of Mormon and pray and ask God our Father. Its not hard. We can tap into the source of eternal truth and knowledge.
I love you all and I pray for you all.
Os Quiero
Elder Kirkham

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