Friday, June 1, 2012

Adios Sanlúcar

I´m getting transferred!!!!!!!!!! I´ve been here 6 months. I´m gonna miss Sanlúcar A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember how I did NOT want to leave Andalucía? Well guess what?


I´m going to A brand new ward in a city called Molino. Its in Murcia. Outside of Andalucia.

¡Que Dolor! ¡Que Pena!

Yep its adios to Sanlucar and Adios to Matilde.

Well I don´t have a lot of time so I'll tell you about our cool day today.

First we met with a member and her friend (an investigator) and went to the tallest building in Sanlúcar to go to the top to take pictures. It was closed.

So we were going to go to the Palaces of the Dukes of Macedonia and passed by this really old building and one of them said "you wanna go in?" and I was like "¡¡¡¡si!!!!!"
Well this girl had done a play in this old building that turned out to be a ransacked Cathedral that was turned into a theater and now is only open for special performances. So she knew the owner and we went in through a little door into this old Cathedral. It was so so cool. The owner started showing us around and then was like "you guys can find your way around" and left us to explore the cathedral. And take pictures and basically let us free.

We went down into the crypt and went to the graves of the Dukes of Macedonia from 1600 AD or so.
Then we went up to the balconies and the rest of the cathedral. Then we asked him if we could to up to the roof. He was like "ya why not" and we went up and saw EVERYTHING!!!!
It was so cool.

Then we went to the palace (right next door) and got LOCKED INTO THE GARDENS!!!!!! Seriously we had to yell for someone to come open the gates for us.

It was a fun day.

I don´t really have more time. I love you all. I´ll write you more about my new area next week. I love you all.

Take Care
Elder Kirkham

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