Friday, May 18, 2012

May 16, 2012

Hello Everyone.

I am so tired. We changed our P Day to today because we´re going to the Feria with a family. It started last night.

Yesterday we went to Sevilla for Zone conference.

It is SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT here. Its been 35-38º Celsius here. I´ll let you convert that. All I know is that ITS REALLY hot for missionaries.

Like I said we went to Sevilla for Zone Conference. Oh BABY!!!!! It was 43º there!!! THAT IS REALLY HOT!!!!!!!!!

And it was. We walked out of the chapel and started sweating.


So I´ll tell you i´m tired partly because of the heat and also we went to Matilde´s house this morning to help her move stuff from her outside house because. THE MISSIONARIES ARE MOVING BACK WITH MATILDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEP. Good thing I´m leaving. She had cornered President Clegg at a fireside and got him to make a pinky promise with her that the Elders would move back with her.

Ay Madre Mia de mi Alma.

So I´ve been in and out with EVERYONE in the office and with Matilde this week trying to work things out to get things moving. WHAT A HEADACHE!!!!!!!!! QUE DOLOR DE CABEZA!!!!!!!!!!!

She has put in TWO new walls in her outside house that she uses in the summer. Shes also putting in a kitchen and bathroom ALL in about 2 months. Shes crazy. I love her but I´m glad I´m going.

I´ve been here a LONG time in Sanlúcar.

There were 6 of 9 elders from my group in our zone conference in Sevilla. It was really fun. I´m glad to see all those Elders from now MORE THAN A YEAR AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also got a new triple combination in English because there's just too much writing and underlining and scribbles in my old one. And a new higher level Spanish book. It uses technical words in English that I don't understand. It keeps me busy.

We have now officially changed back to SUMMER SCHEDULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wake up 730
Medio Dia 2-5
In Piso at 1030
Asleep 1130

BUT ITS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Antonio has had his girlfriend from Sevilla over for a few days. ugh
Pilar is struggling with depression but shes better now. A LOT happier
EDUARDO IS OUT OF THE HOSPITAL COMPLETELY. We met them walking around outside. He´s SUPER skinny and looks really worn down but WOW for what he has passed through. AMAZING.

I don't have more time. I love you all. Be happy. Read the scriptures

Elder Kirkham

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