Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello to all. Happy Mothers Day Yesterday in Spain!!!!!!

This week has been really good. Antonio our progressing investigator came to Church and LOVED it. He made sure to tell us he wanted HIS baptism picture to be bigger than the rest. he he he he he´s funny

He also made us a grand pollo (chicken). With rice and a little sea food and such things that Spaniards eat. And I made and giant chocolate cake. Thanks to stolen Betty Crawford (Crocker) recipes. (I stole them from an Elder Crawford so I call them Betty Crawford recipes) heee heee heee (witch laugh)

So yesterday while Elder Hoyos was talking to his family the members whose house we were at were telling me Spanish Fairy Tales. There's basically all the same ones we have in the US but have sad endings. We have the more child friendly versions.

We´re working (for Matilde) to get the missionaries in her piso when our contract ends in July (I wont be here). ¡Que dolor! (Spanish sarcasm).

This week I´ve seen too many young children smoking. I don´t know whats up in this country. I saw a little kid probably 9 years old with eyebrow piercings, guages in his ears, a giant mohawk-mullet combination. ¡Jolín! por favor. Whats going on in this world.

I am also already surprised by new technology I am seeing. Crazy.

Missionary life in Spain is going great. The mission is doing REALLY well. We are seeing REAL miracles everywhere. (Rocío´s husband is walking talking and breathing on his own by the way) Finding people, baptizing people and other amazing stories. Truly this is the work of the Lord. Our mission has changed from about 3 years ago to being one of the quiet missions to being a leading mission in Europe. (number of converts, convert retention over 80%. which is the best in Spain and one of the best in Europe) I love SPAIN!!!! The Spain Málaga Mission is the best mission IN THE WORLD!!!!! We have the best Mission President in the World.

I´ve been thinking a lot about the pioneers and the Restoration this week. I am so greatful for all the blessings I have in my life.
I love you all. Besitos. Abrazitos.

Elder Kirkham

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