Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello Everyone
I´m not dead, just recovering from the feria.
Actually Monday was a hangover holiday (literally) the Monday after feria is for people to get their senses in order to get back to normal. So we couldn't do internet on Monday because it was closed.

We had Zone Conference last week. (did I tell you?) I don't remember

We went to the Feria for a few hours with a family and some youth. It was really fun. All the ladies in flamenco dresses, horses and giant candy and EVERYONE with alcohol. More specifically la Manzanilla Sanluqueña. It can only be made in Sanlúcar´s micro climate.

Saturday was the branch activity. We had our own little feria. Some of our investigators came. It was really fun. Rocio and Matilde tried to get me to dance with them Sevillana (but I CAN'T, I don't know how)

This week on Monday (our pday) we had a lesson with some youth and one of their non member friends and watched a church movie and then ate lunch. THEN they taught me how to dance Sevillana!!!!!!!!! It was so cool.

Matilde is out of town this week (house-sitting for her son who is in Virgen del Rocío holiday) So I went to her house on Monday to say goodbye. I surprised her with a Sevillana dance. She just about died. (I have it on video)

They gave me a cd with Sevillana music to remember them.

Matilde put a curse on me with her gypsy powers that I wouldn't leave Sanlucar (no joke)

Life is good. I´ll find out this weekend where I´m being transferred (almost positive I´m leaving)

love you all
Elder Kirkham

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