Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hola a todos

This week made HISTORY in the Spain Málaga Mission. As a mission we dedicated an entire day to JUST FINDING. That means a whole day of knocking on doors, stopping people in the street, handing out cards and Books of Mormon etc. We could only teach a lesson to someone we found that day. We fasted the day before to be able to find those who were ready and searching for the gospel.

It was truly a day of miracles. We called it Día de Diamante (Diamond Day). You see sometimes we have Hora de Oro (Golden Hour) where we dedicate an hour to contact as many people as possible. Well as a mission we found 1400 future investigators on Friday the 13th. Who has bad luck when you have the help of the Lord? We found and taught a woman that day. She reminds me of a woman dad taught on his mission. She opened the door with a scowl, smoking, bad smell coming from her dark piso. But she let us in because she noticed I was an American. She lived in the US for 15 years and speaks English fluently so she wanted to talk to me. Turns out she had a Book of Mormon from YEARS ago. And had gone to church a few times. She opened up to us and told us about all the trials of her life. Divorced twice while living in the US, children still live there. We talked about the healing power of the Atonement. I was surprised how much more comfortable it was teaching in ENGLISH! While we spoke she literally lit up with hope she had lost from all the trials of her life. Does God really know who I am? Am I important to Him? Can I REALLY find forgiveness for everything I´ve done? We were very happy to answer all those questions with a giant YES! We testified that we knew God loved her and cared about her because he had sent US there. After the lesson she prayed and thanked God for sending us to find her. It was a very special experience. I know this is the work of the Lord. Even in little Sanlúcar in CATHOLIC Spain God is preparing His children to hear His Restored Gospel.

We also made a breakthrough with the daughter of one of my FAVORITE families here. This daughter isn't a member and didn´t want anything with the church but her family is trying to go to the temple to be sealed. This week she agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I was glad to testify of that to her. Its NEVER too late.

One of our other investigators who is not completing his commitments came to the fireside we had last night. When we invited him he told us he couldn´t go because it was too windy........¡por favor! Too windy? But after a little coaxing and a little bit of caña ( I don´t know how to say that in English) we got him to go.

This fireside was AWESOME!!!!! A member from Jeréz came and talked about the Bible and the Book of Mormon. This member has an interesting family background. Half Catholic and Half Jewish. He said it was impossible to understand religion as a child because his family had VERY different religious views. He is VERY intelligent from the teachings of his family and understands a LOT of Jewish and Christian History. He found the missionaries years ago and after hearing of Joseph Smith´s First Vision was convinced that THIS was the true church. Well the actual fireside was on the History of the Bible. Where the writings come from. Who, when, how it was translated and changed. (which he could cite VERY specifically it was SO interesting) Short story- the Bible we have today is only 14% of the writings before Constantine but of that 14% not all of that has been translated correctly. He pointed out a lot of passages when we KNOW are not translated correctly from the most ancient copies of Biblical writing we have today. But then he talked about the Book of Mormon. 100% Translated correctly. How it fits in with the Bible. Physical evidence of its truthfulness, but most importantly how WE can know that it is true. We can ASK GOD and receive an answer. What better evidence can we receive?

It was a very good week. I know the gospel is true. That the church of Jesus Christ has been restored, that there ARE living prophets today. And WE can KNOW for ourselves. Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. If any of ye lack wisdom, let him ASK of God.

I know that God answers prayers. He will answer all of our prayers if we have faith that He can.

I love you all. Things are just great. My prayers are with you.
Elder Kirkham

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