Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This has been a strange week. I don´t know why. I was SOOOOO tired yesterday and today because of Daylight savings time. Is it different in Spain? Because we just had it this weekend. Oh well.

Hmmmmmm. I believe the most amazing thing that happened this week is Andrés. I don´t remember if I´ve talked about him. He´s from Brasil and he´s 29. Well remember how Matilde was BEGGING us to move back into her piso, she found about a month ago someone to rent out her piso. This someone is Andrés. Matilde introduced us to him last week. He´s this thug looking guy with tattoos and earrings and some weird haircut. He looks like he should be part of a gang in LA or something. Well Matilde (she has NO fear) told him about HOW MUCH she loves her élderes and how she LOVES being Mormona and told him to let us come over and teach him. So we did. We went over to set up an appointment and he told us, "I don´t like sharing my life with anyone" "I´ll listen to you guys because my mom taught me to respect other people" etc. He said yes but wasn´t really excited. So we went back the next day and started chatting and we always do a "lesson 0" the first time to explain our purpose, talk BRIEFLY about each of the lessons and basically promise blessings and a closer relationship with God through listening, reading, praying and going to church. Well this guy just opened up COMPLETELY. Telling us about his life, crying, just a COMPLETE difference from the day before. So this week we started teaching him and we went over on Wednesday and talked about the Restoration and watched the little video with him (in Portuguese of course which I can understand really well) then we came back on Thursday and he had taken out his earrings and had read and prayed and told us "I feel in my heart that EVERYTHING you guys say and teach me is true" so we decided to talk about prophets because we invited him to watch general conference so we watched the little biography of President Monson. and he said "I FEEL like he really is a prophet" so we talked about baptism and set a baptismal date with him that day. We had prayed and planned the 14 of April. When we invited him to be baptized that date he teared up and told us "the 15 is my birthday". He wants to be baptized. And what better day to be "born again" than on your birthday. Truly miracles are happening in the Málaga Mission. We are trying SO hard to prepare him because he has a job that his boss has told him he HAS to work on Sunday. So he has to come to church before he can be baptized. He also is only available 3 days of the week to teach because he has another job in Algeciras. So we fasted yesterday that he can be able to come to church.

Antonio is also progressing well. We set a baptismal date with him April 7 but we will probably have to push it back. Its really hard for him to come to church because he´s in a wheelchair and lives on the OTHER side of the city. Almost outside of the city. But we´re working and praying for him.

We had specialized training in Cádiz this week. it was awesome. My district leader responsibilities continue. I still feel kind of lost but a lot better than before.

I made a delicious apple pie. It was SOOOOO good. I´m kind of in a cooking/baking kick. I´m experimenting with new things.

Elder Hoyos was home for a day with the stomach flu. He was only drinking aquarius (which is like a sports drink here) for 2 days without eating anything. El pobre.

Matilde and both her sisters who are members fed us this week and Matilde sang "love one another" for us flamenco style. It was so beautiful hahahahaha. Rocío´s son came to church yesterday with her husband and other sister who isn´t a member.

We have been searching for a universal remote this week to be able to watch a movie with a part member family who has a DVD player but no remote to change the language into Spanish. And the brand is some strange German brand so we FINALLY found a compatible remote with that brand.

Saturday was some random Spanish holiday and EVERYTHING was closed. And Semana Santa (Holy Week) is approaching. Apparently its pretty big in Sanlúcar. There will be multiple processions every day except Saturday next week. The members are going to the temple (NOOOOO I´m so jealous) and so they will escape the crazy level of Semana Santa in Andalucía because they will be in Madrid.

I´ve been watching old conference videos that we have in our piso to get ready for this Conference. I'm so excited.

Elder Hoyos hasn´t received ANY money this month from the mission. (we´ve now fixed it) but we lived almost a WHOLE MONTH on just the money I got. It was a loaves and fishes kind of month.

Elder Hoyos is going to go running at an outside track and I´m going to time him and write letters. So we´re in our old p-day clothes. It feels like a sin because we have to wear pros. clothes unless we´re doing something that calls for other clothes. So since Elder Hoyos will be running I also am wearing Babylon clothes. and there's no problem, I´m just not used to it and I feel President Clegg is going to pop out of no where. But don´t worry. I´m not breaking any rules.

The area presidency has asked president Clegg to get rid of our 20 minute naps. Adios mi siesta. But that's alright. We´re I believe the ONLY mission in the world that allowed naps. So now we´re just like everyone else. Although we still have 2 hours medio dia to eat and study and just sit down. Here in Spain breakfast is small, lunch is HUGE!!!!! around 1 or 2. and then you eat your merienda (snack) a little pastry or bocadillo around 5 or 6 then you eat at like 8 or 9 a small dinner tortilla española or a bocadillo.

Alright. I think that's it. I´m starting to feel strange in my stomach. I hope its just normal and I´m not getting sick.

I love you all. I don´t even remember what America is like. I was going through old letters and pictures and I saw our HOUSE. ITS HUGE!!!!!!! oh my gosh. Our house in Spain would be SUPER nice upper class. Well at least in Andalucia. Unemployment is now over 30% in Cádiz. The worst in Spain.And that's just people who WANT to work. There are so many people living in government housing "gitanos" that just don´t care. Spaniards are really racist to the gitanos. Sadly almost all of their stereotypes are true. But once you have a gitano as your friend, they´d kill for you. (honestly) I love em so much.

That's all. Have a lovely week. I love you all.
Elder Kirkham

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