Monday, March 5, 2012

It was such a great baptism. The spirit was so strong. President Clegg and Hermana Clegg came and both talked at her baptism. It was so great. Then yesterday I gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost. We got news last week who our new President will be. President Clegg leaves in June or July (depending on visas) and we will have a new President who is bringing 2 teenage kids with him. Crazy. That's going to be SO strange. Him and his wife are SO young. Look on the mission blog if you would like to know more about them.

Transfers are this week. This is probably the scariest one yet.
Elder Pearce is leaving to Elche in Alicante (the northern part of the mission) and I´m staying here.
Sad that he´s leaving. I´m staying here. Elder Pearce WAS the District Leader. but since he´s leaving. YIKES. We were on a bus when President called for transfers. Elder Pearce answered the phone. He told him where he was going then he wanted to talk to ME!!!!!!!! NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
He asked me "Elder Kirkham, you ready to have more responsibility?" "uhhhhhh" "Because I´m calling you as the new district leader" "ME??!!" "YOU" "WHAT????!" "WHAT?" and then President started laughing. I´m pretty sure he knew I didn´t want to be district leader. OH NO. This is terrible news. Ok I´m being dramatic but I do NOT feel ready for any leadership responsibilities. It must be a test. How long can Elder Kirkham survive under the pressure. Yikes. I have to do 5 baptism interviews this weekend.

We got to teach Antonio this week. We had invited him to the baptism on Tuesday but he couldn´t go. So when we got there he asked us HOW WAS IT? We started talking about baptism. He was just super excited and said "I want to get baptized right NOW!!!! wait NO! I have to go to Church first... Tell me EVERYTHING about your church" he´s so awesome. We´re hoping he can gain a strong testimony for when the opposition comes. But he has been prepared to hear the gospel. The Lord is truly blessing us and the people here in Sanlúcar and in the WHOLE Málaga Mission. The mission is doing almost the best in its history with NOT SO MANY missionaries as it has had in the past. Its just great to be a missionary and to be in the Málaga Mission.

There's missionary GOSSIP that the mission boundaries are going to change again this year. Elder Pearce is kind of worried because he will be in Alicante which used to be part of the Barcelona Mission and if boundaries change he might get absorbed into the Barcelona Mission. Who knows. But there's ALWAYS missionary gossip. So far I´ve been in Andalucía my whole mission and I hope to stay here my whole mission.

I don´t know my new companion but I´ve heard he´s from Ecuador and lived in England for a few years. his name is Elder Hoyos.

Matilde bore her testimony yesterday about how much she loved all the missionaries and how she was sad that Elder Pearce is leaving. She´s excited though because she knows that I like visiting her and she LOVES when the Elders visit her. Everyone here calls Elder Pearce "P". "Kitkat, i love P but you understand me better and you LOVE coming to visit me don´t you, don't you Kitkat?" She says From the first time she saw me she knew I was "one of hers". She's so funny but also crazy. She doesn't understand that we can´t ALWAYS be at her house. Now I have to be the "bad cop" and tell her we can´t come over all the time.

Last night she called us and told us to go to the house of a part member family RIGHT AWAY!!! and then she hung up. So we ran over there and she was there with the aunt and sister who she had just met and found out that they were inactive. You have to understand that Matilde is SUPER forward and started telling them (very strongly) Why they had to come back to church and that you can't be "mormona" and not go to church. She started singing a flamenco song about fighting in "la batalla de Dios" (God´s battle). They agreed to go to church to get her to stop singing. I love Matilde.

I also got a fancy bus card that works for all of Cádiz. I was really excited about that so I don´t have to carry change around with me all the time.

Well it was a really awesome week. I hope you all are well. I always think of things I want to write about but never remember.

Oh I got the books you sent me. I´m almost done with the first one. It's so good. What a smart cookie Francis Washington Kirkham. I love how in the preface of the second volume he says "President George Albert Smith has asked me to continue my research" so he wrote another book. haha

Ok love you all
Thank you for your letters and prayers and thoughts. I love you all. I have less than a year!!!! AHHH!!!!! These last 2 transfers have gone by WAY too fast.

Love you all,
Elder Kirkham

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