Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello Family

This week has been LONG. We have walked so SO much. The shoe pads you sent for Christmas already have holes in them. My feet up to my head are tired and sore. It has been a hard week. But we found 3 new investigators. One of them lives above Matilde in her little piso where the missionaries USED to live. He´s just so great and so happy to talk with us. He´s from Brazil and has had a HARD life. He was reluctant to talk with us at first but Matilde told him to listen and if he didn´t like us he could kick us out and we wouldn´t bother him again. So we had a lesson with him and he just lit up. He said he felt so HAPPY and peaceful while talking with us. He told us about his life and opened up with a lot of tears but at the end of the lesson he just wanted to give us a hug (which he did). He´s so awesome and has a HUGE heart.

Elder Hoyos a little about him. He was born in Ecuador but moved to Spain when he was young. Then 4-5 years ago his family moved to London and there he got his mission call to Málaga. He has about 6 months in the mission and he´s just great. He´s super positive and upbeat all the time. Its good for me. My only complaint is he LOVES listening to music ALL THE TIME. I basically have EVERY EFY song memorized now. But that's a VERY small thing to complain about. We mostly talk in Spanish but sometimes we´ll talk a little in English. He´s a really hard worker and obedient. He´s a great companion and a BIG help to me to remind me to stay positive.

I´m trying to send a picture but I can´t find a computer in Sanlúcar that I can connect my camera to. I have a lot of pictures I want to send. Sorry. I´ll keep looking for a good computer.

This week (today) I think I shall attempt to make apple pie. I´m terrified because our oven is TERRIBLE. I might go over to Matilde´s house to actually bake it. She just LOVES the missionaries.

Yesterday in Church someone from the Stake came (I don´t know the stake people here) but he´s fairly new from off the mission and he told us he served in Barcelona with President Hinckley (son) as a mission president. I learned that President Hinckley (son) was called to Argentina but reassigned to SPAIN to OPEN the country to missionary work. The speaker told us that him (president Hinckley son) and a few other missionaries were there when Spain was dedicated and that him to hear in that prayer that Spain would have a temple in a few years was CRAZY. Those 10 or so people praying together were the ONLY members in the WHOLE country. How could there be a TEMPLE in a few years. Well sure as the words of the apostles are, 25 years after that prayer there was a temple in Madrid that serves France, Italy and Portugal. And Now in the coming years there will be temples in EACH of those countries. Truly this is the work of the Lord.

I love you all. Sorry this letter was so short. I have you in my prayers and thoughts always. This week is going to be a great one!!!!

love Elder Kirkham

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