Monday, February 20, 2012

Greetings from (almost) Gibraltar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I´m actually in the Spanish city right next to the Gibraltar border. But we can see the rock. We´re waiting for the bus that will leave in a while. We got special permission from our president to go on a ferry. YAY!!!!!!!!! but the ferry line cancelled today! BOOO! So we have to go on a bus. Oh well.

We shall climb up the giant rock and feed and play with monkeys. They just climb around the city. But I´ve heard you have to be careful because they like to steal things. And apparently they´re very good at it. There are still foggy clouds because its morning but I shall FINALLY get to see AFRICA!!!!!!!!! hurray!!!!!!!!

I don´t have much time I´ll just give you the highlights.
We were only in our area for about 3 days this week. We had a baptism interview that Elder Pearce had to do, then we had to go to Cádiz because Spain gave him a WORK permit. Not what he needs. Then we did exchanges the rest of Wednesday. Then Thursday we went to Sevilla for Zone Conference. The Zone leaders asked if I would play my HARMONICA!!!!!!!!!!! I told them that I had only started learning on the mission, but that I would do my best. I played Called To Serve and only messed up a few times. I just started laughing after. I felt so funny getting up and pulling a harmonica out of my pocket. Good thing it was after lunch and not after a really spiritual talk from pres.

Well I love you all. Don't have more time. Maybe I´ll get to write you after.

Elder Kirkham


This is what happened today

~Mordor Stair up to the tip of the Rock of Gibraltar. My legs were literally trembling- they were shot
~Monkeys!!!!!!!!! Monkeys on my shoulder, on my head, trying to open backpacks
~SEEING AFRICA!!!!! I actually could see houses and buildings! It was so cool
~Sitting on buses for FAR too long
~I think I´m getting sick. Not good

Well I love you all. I hope to write more next week. I´ll be sure to send pictures of the monkeys. Be good. I love you!!!!!!

Elder Kirkham

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