Monday, February 13, 2012

February 6, 2012

Hello everyone. How are you?

I´m tired. I don´t think I´m ever NOT tired. But its been a good week. A HARD week but a good one.

We knocked a LOT of doors this week. But REAL knocking doors. Most of the time you can only stand at the door and ring all the little intercom doorbells. But we KNOCKED on doors this week. Whenever we saw houses we would just go and knock on the doors. We are having a lot of difficulty with investigators right now. Everyone just seems to be stuck in a rut. Not a lot of noticeable progression this week. But we keep working.

Yesterday was SO SO good.
There was a special "Stake" Conference. There was a special broadcast for only Portugal and Spain from the Conference Center. Elaine Dalton, W. Craig Zwick, Elder Christofferson, and President Uchtdorf spoke. They all shared experiences of visits to the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain). Sister Dalton shared a story from before the church was allowed to send missionaries here where she came here with the BYU Folk Dancers to do a tour. They stayed in monasteries on straw beds (I thought that was funny). She said she had a translator who she got to know (they were there a few weeks) and this translator BEGGED her to give her her Book of Mormon and teach her about the gospel. Because of the laws (under the dictator Franco) she couldn´t but told her that one day she promised that missionaries could be able to come to Spain and that they would knock on her door. She has no idea what happened to that woman but maybe from this conference she will be able to find her.

Elder Christofferson talked about following leaders and taking advantage of the blessing of having a temple in Spain (and soon Portugal). Then President Uchtdorf once again gave the council to ALWAYS have a current temple recommend. Even if we economically or geographically can´t go to the temple (or if you're a missionary without a temple in mission boundaries :D) to always HAVE and CARRY a temple recommend. And then he pulled his out and said it was the most valuable "thing" he carried with him everywhere. And if we are following the standards in For the strength of Youth then we can know we are worthy to enter the temple. It was really really great. The members liked hearing stories and personalized messages for THEM. Oh how I love Spain.

I love being a missionary. It's hard and I complain too much but I am so so SO grateful for all of the blessings and JOY that come while in the Service of God. I know that we truly have a prophet today and that Jesus Christ leads this, His Church.

I love you all. Take time to ponder on all of the blessings the Lord has given to all of you. Que el Señor os bendiga en todas cosas. Oro por vosotros mucho. Os quiero muchísimo. Yo sé que esta es la iglesia verdadera y me ha bendecido en mi vida saberlo.


Elder Kirkham

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