Monday, January 30, 2012

But it has been such a good week.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful Sister Jennifer. Felíz Cumpleaños. Hey remember that primary song? "Felíz Cumpleaños, that's how they say it in Spain". Well whoever wrote that never went to Andalucía. I´m rewriting it. "Felí Cumpleañoh that's how they say it in Cádiz" Happy Birthday Jennifer (and everyone else in January)

News: Antonio (investigator from Motril) GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We found a lot of people to teach this week. I shaved with a manual razor for the first time in over a YEAR (my electric razor BROKE). Transfers (both of us are still here) we killed a GIANT moth in our piso. I went to Cádiz for the first time (for a meeting). I don´t know what else happened. We walked SO MUCH.

This week I´ve really just realized how much I´m going to MISS my mission. I love being a missionary. I LOVE the gospel. I love TEACHING the gospel. Its HARD. No matter WHERE you are but I feel SO happy. I KNOW that this message brings true happiness. When we follow Jesus Christ we are happier, and we have HIS promise that we can be happy FOREVER. I don´t even know what forever means, but what I DO understand is that it's a LONG time and I´d like to spend that with the people I love most. My family.

Why is the Restoration important? Because it is a restoration of a Church and a Priesthood Power and Authority that is the ONLY authority and power to seal family ties FOREVER. A power and authority that provides us with saving ordinances so we can return to our Heavenly Father and provide those who have already passed on that SAME opportunity. We can live with our families forever. What a great message to share. And I KNOW that it's true.

In the Book of Mormon I´m reading in Mormon where he sees the destruction of the people less than 400 years after the personal ministry of Jesus Christ. They had the witness of their ancestors who SAW Him, who FELT His hands. They were witnesses of Him. I think of MY ancestors and their testimony they leave for me. Early pioneers who sacrificed EVERYTHING to follow Jesus Christ. Who crossed the plains and passed through hunger, sickness, and death-- every physical trial that can be experienced because they KNEW that they were following the Savior. They Knew. How blessed I am to be a part of this work. It is TRUE. "Ask and ye shall receive" We have the promise of Heaven. If we pray with faith He will Answer our prayers.

I feel so overwhelmed. I wish I could do more than just SAY it. I Know its true! I just want to yell it from some rooftop. Pray. Talk to your Heavenly Father. He loves You so much. We are all His Children.

I love the Savior. I love his gospel. I am so grateful for every blessing I enjoy and that my family enjoys. I can never repay my Savior for what he did for each one of us.

I love you all. Keep Smiling!!!!! :D

Elder Kirky

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