Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh my. It's weeks like this that seem to make the mission.
For good and bad (this is a shorter edited version of what happened this weekend)

We started this week just like any other normal week. We were excited but working hard with Rocío because her baptism was scheduled for this week. We went to her house almost EVERY day to give her ánimo (I don´t know how to say that in English) and support. She was doing good she had smoked on Monday and Tuesday. To pass her interview she couldn´t be smoking. And since Elder Pearce is the District Leader we had to ask the Zone leaders to come from San Fernando to do the interview. So they called President but he said it would be better to wait another week so she's completely free.

We were sad because we have been trying EVERYTHING with her. CD´s, gum, grapefruit juice, candies, and who knows what else to help her. So we had to tell her that on Friday morning. She was sad but understood. She understands WHY it's important but she´s been smoking for almost 30 years (ever since she was 14!!!) and it's just taking time for her to kick these last 1 or 2.

Well Saturday morning we woke up normal, I was sad, but everything was fine. We leave the piso and go first to her house. We go up the elevator and as the doors open She and her family are JUST leaving their house. And she tells us that Matilde´s husband, son and grandson are ALL in the no no no no no no no no no no no no (my thoughts) so we leave and we´re standing outside looking at our plans and we decide to pray on a bench. So we pray and we both feel like we need to go to the Hospital with them (we mostly didn´t want Rocío to smoke during such a stressful situation) so we go back up to her house and get her gum from her son and run over to the hospital.

OH MY GOODNESS. Almost HALF of their family is already there YELLING and CRYING but remember these are all SPANIARDS. Matilde was now in the hospital too. We don´t know what´s going on. Everyone sees us and starts telling us what happened. There was a fight between the family and neighbors got involved and Matilde got punched and her husband who is going into heart surgery fainted and .............. everything. Then Matilde got rolled out in a wheelchair and starts calling my name. So we go over and wheel her over to a corner without anyone else. She starts screaming about her husband she wants to see him, a huge group goes in to see him and then the doctors prohibit visits because it made him worse and we´re trying to talk and calm everyone down and keep Rocío from escaping and smoking. And a lot of other things happened.

Later we went over to her house because her sister-in-law called us and told us we had to come over and calm her because she had gone crazy. We went over and she was yelling at her neighbors from her roof so we went up and were trying to calm her down. Then she went and started yelling at her neighbors (who were part of the fight) so we said goodbye and left...........

We then went knocking doors (because we were failed by our other citas) and found new people to teach (YAY!!!!) and had a good finish up to the night.

Then we go to church the next day and FERNANDO comes early. (he was also supposed to get baptized Saturday but got a job in Jeréz everyday except Sunday) but he came to CHURCH!!!!!!!! YAY FOR BLESSINGS AFTER CRAZY DAYS.
It was a good thing he left after Sacrament meeting because their was a HUGE fight (not Matilde gitano fight) but a battle of cutting words in Sunday school.

Ok crazy things done

We had an amazing lesson with the wife of a member we´re teaching, she FEELS that the Church is true but says its hard for her to "change". She´s really awesome and I feel like she will be baptized soon. Also after the crazy weekend we went to the house of a different sister of Matilde and taught a lesson. Rocío told us that one of her nieces wants to start going to church. (we have taught her and she has wants to get baptized but says she can't find time to meet with us or go to church) so hopefully she wants to make some changes (she also has to quit smoking).

Matilde´s family is crazy but they like the missionaries and they like the church.
This week I had a very special experience when we were teaching Rocío where my testimony was strengthened so much. I know this is the Lord´s work and that He is helping us.

I love you all and I´m so glad you all had a great time in Disneyland. This was a long story but I thought I´d share just a more detailed story of this weekend. I really apologize for my terrible emailing. There are a lot of things that happen in my life, I just forget them when I´m typing. Stories for when I get home.

Ok love you all besitos. Say your prayers. GO TO CHURCH! Read the scriptures. In obedience there is happiness. ;)

Elder Kirkham

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