Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello Everyone!!!!!
I got my Christmas Packages!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Thank you everyone who sent letters and love. We had a conference last week in San Fernando (where President gives us all the letters and packages sent to the office) (and I got the ones sent to Motril as well) and I had a HUGE bag of packages and letters. Everyone kept asking me "are those all yours?" "oh these, oh yes, see I am very loved by my friends and family and I love them too" hee hee hee. I didn´t tell them that they were from Christmas. heee heee heee (cackle)

Well its raining here on the Atlantic coast of Spain. Its cold. I'm sick. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat (we were fasting) so I couldn´t even drown it out with fluids. but I guess its ok because I couldn't swallow anyways. But we are happy and good. We are having a baptism this Saturday with Rocío. She´s a sister of Matilde (crazy lady) but Rocío is more normal. She´s fighting to stop smoking. She´s averaging 0-1 every day which is amazing from 2 months ago when she was smoking 40 DAILY!!!!!!!!!! So we were fasting for her. Today when pday ends we´re going to her house with pictures and inspirational signs to put up alllll over her house. She has her interview on Friday and she will be SMOKE FREE before. She´s SO excited to get baptized.

Tobacco is terrible. Don´t smoke. EVER!!!!!!!!! Its a HUGE problem here. But the biggest problem is that NO ONE REALIZES that it's a problem. Rocío is telling us that she realizes how terrible it is and that it's a waste of money just to kill you faster!!!!!!!!

Our other investigator who was going to be baptized on Saturday is living in Jeréz now Monday-Saturday because he got a job in a discoteca (which is basically a rave/night club) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

We´re praying for him to not have to work there. Better with a different job.

In our weekly newsletter from our president he told us each to buy a notebook or something to write down all the special/sacred/important experiences from our missions. I guess I really need to do that or I´ll forget them. Not good.

He also told us to write scriptures and quotes that helped us or inspired us in the Mish. He gave us 10 that he found in HIS mission. I like them.

1) Like storms upon the earth, the storms of life are essential if we are to grow. At the time they seem difficult when in reality they nourish us. WE NEED THE MOISTURE!
2) Mountain of the Lord = The Temple = Our life is to climb the mountain. We will see better at the top.
3) I'm not what I wanna be, but I thank God I'm not what I used to be.
4) Don't let yesterday hold tomorrow hostage.
5) The Gospel of Man is to "out-do" others. The Gospel of Christ is to "Do For" others.
6) Sanctification is (a) Live the Gospel, (b) Serve others, and (c) Share the Gospel.
7) Desires govern our choices and choices take us where we want to go. Alma 29:5.
8) From inconsolability, it is a surprisingly short distance to bitterness and hatred.
9) You can't dine and dance in the great and spacious building and hold on to the iron rod at the same time.
10) The righteous are whomever are repenting and the wicked is whomever is not.

I have a journal but there's a lot of crazy stories that have no spiritual value. SO I´m gonna buy this book. Probably from a gypsy.

Oh which reminds me. Matilde is taking us to "los gitanos" which is where the gypsies sell their stuff. (not evil stuff) but cheap socks and shoes and whatever else. (maybe some evil stuff, I AM in Spain) just kidding.

On a more spiritual level I had a really good interview with President Clegg (who sadly is leaving in June) and he told me that he just thinks I'm a good missionary and that he just trusts me. I´m not trying to toot my own horn I was just feeling REALLY down about my self. I beat myself up so much in the mission. So I´m glad he gave me those nice words.

Me and Elder Pearce continue to get along well. We have a lot of fun. We bought a huge roll of tape from a Chino the other day and last night I wrapped up in a blanket and he taped me up and I had to escape. I did it in 2 minutes. I might be a missionary but I´m still the same weird me.

I hope you are loving Disneyland. The sun, the fun, the magic, the sweet innocence of youth, you know all that stuff.

I was just thinking of how blessed I am. How blessed my family is. How blessed I am to have good friends. Some friends helping out where they are, their friends on missions. Life is just so good. I take a LOT of blessings for granted sometimes. Actually a LOT of times. But I am so grateful. I know these blessings come from the gospel. Happiness comes from obeying the commandments, from serving others and from the hope that Jesus Christ and His atonement brings. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I´ve never truly understood His love for me and for others until being here on my mission where I am part of HIS work. I love you all. Have a lovely week. I´m praying for you. The gospel is true.

Elder Kirkham

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