Thursday, January 5, 2012

Feliz Año Nuevo!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been another crazy week. I don´t think there are any NORMAL weeks in Spain. It was la Noche Vieja (the old night) jajajajaja. That's what they call New Year's Eve. Before I describe Noche Vieja, I have to tell you what happened this week.

1. I was ROBBED!!!!!!!! AT GUNPOINT!!!!!!!!!
Ok not really. Just kidding. Don´t have a heart attack Mom. We went to Puerto de Santa María for district meeting and we were walking to the bus station because we had to take a bus back, well the Bus came EARLY!!?? What?! And it left without us. So we had to wait 45 minutes for the next bus. So we were sitting on the bench and I took out my little change wallet. (It was the coolest thing ever!) Anyways I took my change thing out of my pocket to count my money and to admire the different varieties of Euros from different countries that I had. Then I set it down next to me. I was looking in my backpack for something and when I stood up.......twas GONE!!!!!! Someone had walked by and "dropped" something next to us and bent down to pick it up. Well they took a little regalo with them as well. (regalo means present) They stole a total of 3 Euros!!!!!!!!

2. An Old Spanish woman tried to hijack us!!!!!!! Minus the fact we were NOT in an airplane.So it was just normal kidnapping.
We were walking to a cita and we walked by this tiny tiny old woman. She was seriously 4 feet high. And we said hello because we are model citizens. Well she stopped and started telling us how she went to misa (mass) that morning and how when she got back to her house she couldn´t open her door and then her neighbor started yelling at her and I don´t know what else she said. So She asked if we could help her..........well me being the kind warm hearted good Samaritan I told her we would try. After all she only wanted us to unlock her front door..........So she led us through the streets of Sanlúcar (she had TOLD us she lived just around the corner) but we were walking for almost a half hour. She started freaking out saying she had to hide from her neighbor or she was going to report her for trespassing. Then she started yelling at this man on the street. Then she saw a couple in a car and started looking really shifty and paranoid that they were sent to follow her. Then we finally got to her "House". She led us to an old abandoned house with a block of wood in front of the door. She started banging on the windows yelling for Rosa to open the one was in that house. So then we told her we had to go and then we ran away. True story

I shall finish now with the crazy stories.

So this New Year's Eve business. We went to the store and bought this SUPER popular drink here. Its fake wine (no alcohol) from one of our pueblos in Motril. If you´re not drinking REAL wine, you´re drinking fake wine. So we bought this really delicious grape juice basically, its so good. I´m almost sure real wine doesn´t taste like that. Because it smells HORRIBLE. Anyways, We had to stop proselyting at 6 and be in our piso before 11 because its not safe. There were SO many drunk people in the streets. We were going to spend New Year's in our piso because we had bought the food and the fake wine, but we stopped by right at 6 to wish a family a Happy New Year and they invited us to stay. So we stayed and ate with them and it was fun.

The HUGE tradition here is to eat 12 grapes right at midnight. You eat a grape after each strike of the bell at midnight. We were in our piso at midnight but we used our clock to know when to eat the grapes. I almost choked.
The next day there were almost NO people at church. There were a LOT of drunk people passed out in the streets, but not a lot in the chapel.

Well that's it for last week. THIS week is Reyes. The 3 Kings day. Santa´s got a little break because in Spain the 3 wise men put presents under the tree on January 6 not Santa Claus on December 25. THE HOLIDAYS NEVER STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I love you all. Happy New Year. Make it the best year yet! I hope we can all ponder on how we can improve ourselves. There's always more to learn, more to do and more to experience. Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to leave our past behind us and start brand NEW. Happy New Year. I love you.

Elder Kirkham

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