Monday, December 19, 2011

I´ve only been here a few days and already I LOVE Sanlúcar. Which I have learned is one word. Elder Pearce is my new companion and he´s really just great. He entered the mish a month before me but he´s definitely a much better missionary than I am. I just love this place.

There is a branch here but it is MUCH larger than Motril. There's a primary!!! And Youth!!!! and more than one Sunday School Class. And WE don´t have to teach it. Its great. The members are great. I just love them so much already. There's a recent convert named Matilde that is just, .... well there are no words. She carries around a tambourine singing her gypsy songs and I just love her. She already calls me hijo. (She´s NOT replacing You Mom don´t worry) Anyways. The missionaries lived with her for 10 years before they were taken out of Sanlúcar for 2 years. Then this summer when missionaries were put back they found her. And she got baptized. There are a lot cooler details and miracles with her story but I won´t include them all. So now she´s getting all of her sisters and cousins and aunts and EVERYONE to listen to the missionaries. One of them already got baptized. One will be baptized in January. We are fasting with one of her nieces so her parents will sign her permission and we continue to teach the rest of her family. They invited us to a birthday party last night and she literally took us around to everyone who didn´t know us and said they needed to be baptized and that they need to read the Book of Mormon and we would help them quit drinking and smoking. It was one of the most productive finding activities ever.

The missionary work in the rama oops (branch) is revolving around her at the moment. And she keeps giving us friends and families to teach. She is just amazing. We´ve seen her about 10 times since Wednesday, and every time she has had her tambourine singing her gypsy carols. Needless to say I love this branch.

This Saturday night we are spending Christmas eve with this great family and then they are going to let us use their computer on Sunday to Skype.

I am also the new pianist and I actually get to play a REAL PIANO. I already have been grabbed to play for two musical numbers next week. Its great. The work here is so different. The members help so much. Its just a great place to be a missionary.

I am finishing the Book of Mormon before this week and I´ve read about 200 pages in the last few days. I just love the Book of Mormon. We have been sharing a Christmas message with the atonement. Alma 7:11-13. That's one of my favorite scriptures about the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Elder Pearce and I are doing great. We both just had native companions so we speak in really bad Spanglish. But we both understand each other. He´s from Utah. Nobody can say his name and everyone just calls him P (pee). And I guess there was an Elder Kirkham who served here a few years ago so they all recognize my name.

Well next week I will be skyping you. I get out of Church at 1:30 (my time) and there is a 9 hour difference. Elder Pearce is going to be talking to his family early. 5-6 in the Morning Utah time which is 4-5 Cali. Which means I would be calling you about 6 California time. And I don´t know if you would like that. So THIS WEEK, no TODAY please tell me when I CANNOT call you. And make sure skype is on. I don't know when you have Church because of Christmas. So tell me when you DON¨T want me to call. I love you all. Thank you THANK YOU so much mom for the money. I really REALLY appreciate it. And thank you for sending me the package. I will get it after but that's ok. I love you so much. ALL OF YOU. I have the greatest family ever.

Oh and I´m glad to hear the Ohio Kirkhams are ok. The Lord really does watch over us. And bless us.
I hope everyone can feel His love this week And the rest of the year and the rest of their lives. Jesus Christ and His atonement is The BEST Christmas present we can get. I love my Savior. I love His gospel and I LOVE being able to share it with other people. Missionary work is kind of like what happened with the shepherds. The people of Spain seem to be "Sore Afraid" of missionaries. hahahahaha (slap the knee) oh I crack myself up. But actually the work is growing and the world is full of miracles.

The gospel is true. Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad. Regocijaos Jesús Nació. Os quiero a todos vosotros. Que Dios os bendiga y os ayude. Feliz navidad.

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