Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I am being transferred to Lan Lúcar which is in Cadiz. Which is in the Zone of San Fernando which also has Gibraltar. Which means I will see Africa some day hopefully. And take a picture with a monkey on my shoulder. I leave in 2 days.
It also means that I will not be here for Christmas. And I will NOT get the Packages you have sent. I actually might never get them because the lovely Spanish mail system requires GOVERNMENT photo ID to pick up letters and packages. Because everyone lives in pisos (apartments) nothing gets delivered TO YOU. They leave a little slip in your mailbox and YOU have to go get it at their office. But not to worry. We´ll figure out what needs to be done. Missionaries are crafty. That's the problem with sending packages to the mission home too because they CANNOT pick them up if you´re not there. Then after a few months they just throw the packages away. So DON'T send anything except letters to the mission home.
This Christmas we get to use SKYPE. Well I have an awesome mission president so he always lets us use Skype. But yes. I honestly know nothing of when except it will be sometime on Christmas Day. The 25th is a Sunday. So I hope you are at home and are waiting for a call. I´ll have one more p day to finalize everything.
Well this week has been normal. Well, no. It has been really good actually. We found 3 new investigators. Which is great in Motril. It has been a very long week. I´ve been very tired. We had a cosecha in Nerja where all the missionaries in the zone go and just do contacts for a few hours. Then on Saturday morning we got a call from our Zone Leaders asking us to bring something to the DOUBLE ZONE COSECHA that NO ONE TOLD US ABOUT. Hay que ver con esta gente, de verdad. Anyways we ran to the Bus station and hopped on a bus to Granada. We had to then get a taxi to the capilla and we STILL got there late. But that's ok. They had planned a huge activity with all the youth and JAS (young single adults) from Málaga and Granada and surrounding areas to go out with missionaries and "tract", I think that's what it is (we never say tract in the mission and I don't even know what it really means). They did contacts. We felt like black sheep afterwards but the two of us found a lot of references. So it was really great. How great it is to be a missionary.
Antonio (our investigator) is just awesome. He´s just awesome. He´s excited to be baptized and the only thing keeping him back from getting baptized today is his addiction to smoking. Which is helping him trust more in God so in the end it will just help him more. Like ALL of our trials and tests in life.
We visited the family of the little girl we baptized and she gave us little hand made cards. Those are seriously the best. It was just really great. That family is so special. I´m so very glad I got to meet them and be a part of their lives. Again how great it is to be a missionary.
Oh I also made cookies this week. mmmmmmmmm delicious. I don't know how to spell that. I cannot believe a year has passed since last Christmas. AHHHHHHHH December is 10 months on the mission. I can´t believe it. Where has it GONE???????
I´m glad things are good at home. Christmas activity, alien lights, decorations. I´m glad that Emma is getting a special Christmas. There are just always so many great things in life. I am so grateful for everything the Lord has given us. I need to be more grateful for the little things that I look over so easily.
Merry Christmas Season. I love this season to be able to think about our Savior Jesus Christ. I love my Savior and what he has done for us. I was listening to a talk today about the atonement. Really truly Christ loves us so much. He loves us perfectly. During this season I hope everyone can feel that love.
Signing off from Motril, this has been Elder Kirkham with the weekly update. A very merry Christmas season to all. Keep Smiling (with some hot chocolate)
Elder Kirkham

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