Monday, November 7, 2011

This week has felt surprisingly long. REALLY LONG.

Halloween for missionaries = not fun. And I know it's even worse in the States.
Firstly- the dangerous side. 2 missionaries walking around are definitely neon lights for drunk people attacks. Nothing happened (we went in early) but I was a little nervous. Secondly- who wants to spend Halloween with missionaries? (I wouldn´t) But we went over to a member´s house and spent an hour chatting while he watched TV.

Then Tuesday in Nerja (where we go for district meeting) the Elders told me about a shop that sells a lot of stuff from the States and Germany. So we of course had to stop by. And....I found vanilla extract. The thing is, in Spain there are so many pastry and bakery shops. pastelerías. So NO ONE ever makes anything. No cookies, no cakes, no brownies, no frosting. Everyone buys their Spanish cakes from the little bakeries. But thanks to the tourist town of Nerja I found vanilla extract. I also got a recipe to make homemade cream of chicken (which also isn´t found here) and I made Christmas chicken noodle soup. Which Elder Rodriguez loved! Spain may have the best bread but they lack in a few things. Two prayers answered!

Then on Saturday we went to one of our pueblos to visit a member and her daughter. The woman and her husband are divorced and after they separated she stopped going to church. This was before her daughter turned 8. Anyways we go and visit them. And last night the mom said she would let her daughter get baptized. The daughter got so excited and started planning everyone she wanted to invite. The mom was really excited too. Its amazing to see the gospel in teaching them, how its healing their lives.

Then on Sunday we went to Granada for Stake Conference(in a bus). It was SO GREAT! One of our investigators came with us. At the end the choir sang "I Believe in Christ" and he said he felt something he had never felt before when they sang. It was just a great week. I also got to see all the missionaries in Granada and Malaga. If I were to live in Spain it would be in Granada. Its a really cool city.

It was just a great week. And I didn´t get transferred. So I´m just really happy and great. Life is great. Elder Rodriguez and I are getting along great. Life is just great. But now its cold!!!!! Every morning and night its SUPER COLD!!!!!! But its ok. I now know how to live without air conditioning and heating.

Life is just great. I hope everyone is doing great. Life is just wonderful when we want it to be.

I love you all. Good work mom and dad with all your work. Take a few weeks and eat too much food. And take some rest.

Alright That's all I think for this week.

Elder Kirkham

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