Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I´m not getting transferred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get to stay in Motril

I´m really excited! I´m glad to be able to stay here and help out these people. I love Motril. It is hard but I love it. I´ll be here for my birthday and I´m going to make a Thanksgiving dinner for Elder Rodriguez. It will be his first Thanksgiving. I didn´t realize how hard it is to find simple ingredients here. No vanilla extract. No sour cream. No Cream of Chicken premade in a can for you. No Powdered sugar. Its crazy. I don´t understand.

Happy Birthday Craig!!!!!!!!!!! How old are you?

I don´t know what to say. We set a baptismal date with one of our investigators and yesterday she came to church and she said, "I want to make a fast offering donation". So one of the members showed her where to find the little envelopes and fill it out. It was so cool. Just out of no where. Another miracle happened yesterday. I didn´t have to teach gospel doctrine!!!! yay!!!!! We watched a few talks from conference instead. It was nice to just listen and watch.

Things are going really good in Motril. It's weird to have the time change because it gets really dark really early. It will be interesting to see how Halloween is here in Spain. All this week we´ve seen parents and kids with Halloween costumes. So SOMETHING is going to happen.

This week is Stake conference so we´ll be going to Granada. Its a REALLY cool city. I like it a lot. Even though we won´t see anything more than the church. I hope our investigators come so we can show them the baptismal font :D It will also be nice to see other missionaries from my district in Sevilla. (who are now in Granada Stake) I think there are about 5 stakes in our mission. Sevilla, Cadiz, Granada, Elche, Murcia and La Mancha District. How exciting it is to be a missionary.

It rained most of this last week. It made missionary work kind of hard but we found two new investigators. Which was great. The work presses on. I´m going to try to make chocolate chip cookies today for Halloween. Something delicious. I don´t know. Or Christmas chicken noodle soup (I found a recipe for homemade cream of chicken) we´ll see what happens.

Sorry this is a short letter. I love you all. Happy Halloween! Happy Birthday Craig. I´ll try to send some pictures of the goings ons.


Elder Kirkham

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