Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello Everyone! What a great week its been.

I am COMPELLED to announce to you (I promise I´m not hinting anything) but if you feel so inclined to send packages DO NOT send them to the mission home. Send them to my address here in Motril. They CANNOT accept them. I will be here in Motril until the 14 of December.

Well its been a great week. We set a baptismal date with another investigator. He came to church on Sunday and said, "Ya, I´m gonna get baptized". We are super excited. He has to quit smoking but he´s pretty determined to do it. Today we got in the mail the triple combination in Romanian for our other investigator who is getting baptized soon. Things are just great.

That's the water-downed version of this week.

I have a request, Mom and Dad. Could you please send me as much information about our pioneer ancestors as we have? I honestly don´t know how much that is. I really want to know about those in the Willie/Martin companies. And any others as well. Names/stories/birthdates/ANYTHING we have.

The missionaries in Nerja gave us a copy of a new movie called 17 miracles. Its really new made by EXCEL I think. It talks about the Martin and Willie Handcart companies. It was so great. I cried a lot. Its pretty heavy, as far as church movies go. But it was so good. I think you would REALLY like it. Although at times its kind of hard to watch. It has the Joseph Smith actor in it, its weird because he doesn´t play Joseph Smith in the movie, so its funny to see him there. But its REALLY good. After I watched it I realized I know almost NOTHING about our pioneer ancestors.

Well I know this is short. Sorry. Today we will go get Kebab (so good) and Saturday I´ll finally make the Betty Crocker devils food cake with chocolate fudge frosting we found in the German store in Nerja. I really love Spain. You´ll have to come see it. Nerja is Honestly the most beautiful city in Andalucia.

Life is great. Its starting to get REALLY cold in the mornings and all I have is a fleece blanket. (No heating) but that's ok. I´m gonna buy a sweatshirt today (birthday present) and hopefully stay warm at night.

I love you all. I´m proud of you Mom and Dad for your HUGE project. Have a great week I love you all so much.

Elder Kirkham

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