Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
How are all of you? How was Thanksgiving? Wonderful I´m sure.
We had our own Thanksgiving here in Motril. I spent Wednesday Night and Thursday morning bustling about our kitchen making food for us and the Elders in Nerja. And Wednesday night (right in the middle of making jell-o) our POWER went out!!!!! The water literally had JUST started to boil so I started yelling at Elder Rodriguez to get my flashlight and by the light of my flashlight the jell-o was saved. Boy Scouts-Be Prepared or you get lumpy jell-o. Hey look I learned something from Scouts. Just kidding.
Since its almost impossible to find a WHOLE turkey, I made a chicken. OHHHHH boy was it good. And Thanksgiving is NOT celebrated in Spain. Only by the missionaries. I´ll get you some pictures

I am moneyless in Motril. We have traveled SO MUCH this month. I am waiting for a LOT of reimbursement money. And I mean a LOT. So I have no money for food....Or money to travel to Granada for our BAPTISM! this Saturday!! Hurray HURRAY!!!!!! It will be the first baptism in Motril for OVER A YEAR AND A HALF. We´re praying that everything goes well.

I also have to give a HUGE thank you for all of your Birthday letters and books and packages. I am really so blessed to have such an amazing family and such amazing friends. I felt so loved on my Birthday (and the week following it as well)

We found a new investigator this week. Hurray! She´s really great. She is from Ecuador but her parents or Grandparents are Spanish. (She looks Spanish) We taught her about Joseph Smith, Book of Mormon and the Restoration. I really like teaching the first lesson (that's the first lesson BTW) its a super spiritual kick in the pants for us too as missionaries. I especially love telling the First Vision. I just feel the Spirit so strong every time. Can I just put a plug in for Preach my Gospel (missionary study/teaching book for those who don´t know) Its just really great. I´m glad we don´t teach memorized discussions anymore.

It was kind of a harder week, but so great. I am so very grateful for all of the blessings I have in my life.

I´m going to send some pictures (I hope) later today. Have a great week. I love you all. The gospel is true. keep Smiling! :D

Elder Kirkham

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hello again. This letter won´t be very long but I hope it will be a good one.

Things are going just really good. Not a whole lot of news. Just good working. I´m super tired. Our investigators are great. The work is progressing really great. (Considering its been about a year and a half since the last baptism.)

It rained so hard this week. We were on our way home from one of our pueblos (which is 10 minutes away) and it took us over an HOUR to get home because it was FLOODED!!!!!! The water was past car tires!!!!! AHHHHHHHH thank goodness we were on a bus. (literally) There was a little flooding in Motril. The water came up into the entry way of the Capilla (luckily its on the 1st floor) (I don´t know if that made any sense in Europe the first floor is the floor ABOVE the one you walk into or 2nd) so luckily our actual capilla was NOT flooded. But we got wet past our ankles walking to our piso. It was an adventure. Oh and the power went out about 4 times during one of our lessons. So we used our cell phone with the background of Christ as our light. (how appropriate)

Well I guess that is some news. It was fun. I also made a CHOCOLATE DEVILS FOOD CAKE that I found in Nerja. It was SOOOOOOOOO good.

It was a great week. We also had Zone conference and I got to see a lot of missionaries. It was great. I love conferences because WE get to listen instead of teach.

Its SUPER COLD here. It actually hailed 2 nights ago. With all this crazy rain we started Sacrament meeting with 5 people. AHHHH but more came. Thank goodness.

I think I´m going to buy a sweatshirt. I don´t have one. (how did that happen?) I don´t know. But I get SUPER cold at night. SO I think today I´m going to buy one. And I know you find that information SO interesting. Just kidding.

I loved the pictures of my vicarious birthday. And the book that you sent. Thank you for sending my birthday to Spain. It really is just beautiful here. We live in one of the most BEAUTIFUL areas of Spain. (And Europe) I am super grateful for all of the blessings I have in my life. I think I'm saying "super" a lot now because of Spanish. Its a SUPER common word here.

Yesterday was the elections here in Spain. And there is a new party in government now. Things are going to change A LOT here. I really don´t know whats going on just what Elder Rodriguez tells me. Did you know that if you´re a citizen of a country of the European Union, you can VOTE in ALL of the elections of the countries of the EU. Crazy huh? A french guy can drive to Spain and vote and then drive back. CRAZY HUH? I thought so. Every citizen of the EU countries have a card that you can basically do anything you want. Well not anything but its crazy.

Alright that's it. I love you all. I hope you all have a LOVELY Dia de Acción de Gracias. Thanksgiving. We will NOT be eating Turkey. Who knows what we´ll have.

Love Elder Kirkham

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello Everyone! What a great week its been.

I am COMPELLED to announce to you (I promise I´m not hinting anything) but if you feel so inclined to send packages DO NOT send them to the mission home. Send them to my address here in Motril. They CANNOT accept them. I will be here in Motril until the 14 of December.

Well its been a great week. We set a baptismal date with another investigator. He came to church on Sunday and said, "Ya, I´m gonna get baptized". We are super excited. He has to quit smoking but he´s pretty determined to do it. Today we got in the mail the triple combination in Romanian for our other investigator who is getting baptized soon. Things are just great.

That's the water-downed version of this week.

I have a request, Mom and Dad. Could you please send me as much information about our pioneer ancestors as we have? I honestly don´t know how much that is. I really want to know about those in the Willie/Martin companies. And any others as well. Names/stories/birthdates/ANYTHING we have.

The missionaries in Nerja gave us a copy of a new movie called 17 miracles. Its really new made by EXCEL I think. It talks about the Martin and Willie Handcart companies. It was so great. I cried a lot. Its pretty heavy, as far as church movies go. But it was so good. I think you would REALLY like it. Although at times its kind of hard to watch. It has the Joseph Smith actor in it, its weird because he doesn´t play Joseph Smith in the movie, so its funny to see him there. But its REALLY good. After I watched it I realized I know almost NOTHING about our pioneer ancestors.

Well I know this is short. Sorry. Today we will go get Kebab (so good) and Saturday I´ll finally make the Betty Crocker devils food cake with chocolate fudge frosting we found in the German store in Nerja. I really love Spain. You´ll have to come see it. Nerja is Honestly the most beautiful city in Andalucia.

Life is great. Its starting to get REALLY cold in the mornings and all I have is a fleece blanket. (No heating) but that's ok. I´m gonna buy a sweatshirt today (birthday present) and hopefully stay warm at night.

I love you all. I´m proud of you Mom and Dad for your HUGE project. Have a great week I love you all so much.

Elder Kirkham

Monday, November 7, 2011

This week has felt surprisingly long. REALLY LONG.

Halloween for missionaries = not fun. And I know it's even worse in the States.
Firstly- the dangerous side. 2 missionaries walking around are definitely neon lights for drunk people attacks. Nothing happened (we went in early) but I was a little nervous. Secondly- who wants to spend Halloween with missionaries? (I wouldn´t) But we went over to a member´s house and spent an hour chatting while he watched TV.

Then Tuesday in Nerja (where we go for district meeting) the Elders told me about a shop that sells a lot of stuff from the States and Germany. So we of course had to stop by. And....I found vanilla extract. The thing is, in Spain there are so many pastry and bakery shops. pastelerías. So NO ONE ever makes anything. No cookies, no cakes, no brownies, no frosting. Everyone buys their Spanish cakes from the little bakeries. But thanks to the tourist town of Nerja I found vanilla extract. I also got a recipe to make homemade cream of chicken (which also isn´t found here) and I made Christmas chicken noodle soup. Which Elder Rodriguez loved! Spain may have the best bread but they lack in a few things. Two prayers answered!

Then on Saturday we went to one of our pueblos to visit a member and her daughter. The woman and her husband are divorced and after they separated she stopped going to church. This was before her daughter turned 8. Anyways we go and visit them. And last night the mom said she would let her daughter get baptized. The daughter got so excited and started planning everyone she wanted to invite. The mom was really excited too. Its amazing to see the gospel in teaching them, how its healing their lives.

Then on Sunday we went to Granada for Stake Conference(in a bus). It was SO GREAT! One of our investigators came with us. At the end the choir sang "I Believe in Christ" and he said he felt something he had never felt before when they sang. It was just a great week. I also got to see all the missionaries in Granada and Malaga. If I were to live in Spain it would be in Granada. Its a really cool city.

It was just a great week. And I didn´t get transferred. So I´m just really happy and great. Life is great. Elder Rodriguez and I are getting along great. Life is just great. But now its cold!!!!! Every morning and night its SUPER COLD!!!!!! But its ok. I now know how to live without air conditioning and heating.

Life is just great. I hope everyone is doing great. Life is just wonderful when we want it to be.

I love you all. Good work mom and dad with all your work. Take a few weeks and eat too much food. And take some rest.

Alright That's all I think for this week.

Elder Kirkham

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I´m not getting transferred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get to stay in Motril

I´m really excited! I´m glad to be able to stay here and help out these people. I love Motril. It is hard but I love it. I´ll be here for my birthday and I´m going to make a Thanksgiving dinner for Elder Rodriguez. It will be his first Thanksgiving. I didn´t realize how hard it is to find simple ingredients here. No vanilla extract. No sour cream. No Cream of Chicken premade in a can for you. No Powdered sugar. Its crazy. I don´t understand.

Happy Birthday Craig!!!!!!!!!!! How old are you?

I don´t know what to say. We set a baptismal date with one of our investigators and yesterday she came to church and she said, "I want to make a fast offering donation". So one of the members showed her where to find the little envelopes and fill it out. It was so cool. Just out of no where. Another miracle happened yesterday. I didn´t have to teach gospel doctrine!!!! yay!!!!! We watched a few talks from conference instead. It was nice to just listen and watch.

Things are going really good in Motril. It's weird to have the time change because it gets really dark really early. It will be interesting to see how Halloween is here in Spain. All this week we´ve seen parents and kids with Halloween costumes. So SOMETHING is going to happen.

This week is Stake conference so we´ll be going to Granada. Its a REALLY cool city. I like it a lot. Even though we won´t see anything more than the church. I hope our investigators come so we can show them the baptismal font :D It will also be nice to see other missionaries from my district in Sevilla. (who are now in Granada Stake) I think there are about 5 stakes in our mission. Sevilla, Cadiz, Granada, Elche, Murcia and La Mancha District. How exciting it is to be a missionary.

It rained most of this last week. It made missionary work kind of hard but we found two new investigators. Which was great. The work presses on. I´m going to try to make chocolate chip cookies today for Halloween. Something delicious. I don´t know. Or Christmas chicken noodle soup (I found a recipe for homemade cream of chicken) we´ll see what happens.

Sorry this is a short letter. I love you all. Happy Halloween! Happy Birthday Craig. I´ll try to send some pictures of the goings ons.


Elder Kirkham