Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hola familia y amigos. Me cuesta mucho ahora escribir en inglés porque acabo de terminar un correo en español y siempre hablo español con Elder Rodriguez y toda mi mente piensa en una mezcla de inglés y español.

Its crazy what happens when you have a native companion. He is trying to learn English so sometimes we pray in English. The first time I did NOT know what to say. It was so foreign praying in English. Its so crazy.

Well this has been a lovely week. Lots of rainy days (which I love) we started wearing sweaters this week (which I also love). We were able to meet with an investigator who disappeared from Motril. She had gone home to Romania (She´s from Transylvania by the way) to visit her family. One thing that I didn´t realize before living here was how close everything is in Europe. It's super cheap to take a bus to a different country! And it takes just a few hours to get there. CRAZY! Considering California is basically the size of Spain, leaving the country was a bigger deal growing up.

I don't know how big Halloween is in Spain but everyone says that it gets bigger and bigger every year. Spain wants to turn it into Halloween like in the United States. Elder Rodriguez says Trick or Treating isn't that big in Madrid but it seems to be pretty big here (probably because there's more houses and it's less busy/big city than Madrid).

Well the people we are teaching are progressing so great! I just love these people! There's two people who have both said they they want to get baptized. And there's the daughter of a woman who is less active who also wants to get baptized. They came to church yesterday. I´m sad that I´ll probably leave Motril before they get baptized. We´ll see. I don´t want to leave Motril. we´ve been working so hard and I just want to stay ONE more transfer.

We watched the movie on the life of president Monson with one of our investigators. It is really just amazingly great all the resources the church has. The movies are just AWESOME! The gospel is just AWESOME!!!!! I love being a missionary.

I always forget what happens during the week, I´m sorry. I hope that later in my life I will be able to remember. The mission is just great! I love it so much!

Well, I love you all
Have a lovely week. What´s the weather like there?

Elder Kirkham

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