Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello Everyone

How are you?

This week has been a good one. We found a new investigator!!!!!!!!! And he´s just great.

There was a procession yesterday it was CRAZY we had to walk a super long way around to get to one of our lessons.

I don´t know FOR SURE, but it appears I´m getting transferred. President in his interview hinted a lot that I was going to get transferred. So that's in about a week and a half. So maybe don´t send any letters or anything. Just heads up. It takes about 6-7 days for a letter to get here.

Well. There's not a WHOLE lot of news. We visited this woman who hasn´t come to church in years, and randomly she told us that she quit drinking coffee. (She´s from Colombia- which was a huge deal) But she just told us, "I knew it was wrong but one day I just felt the spirit tell me to quit coffee, so I did". Now this woman who had A LOT of health problems is recovering SO WELL. Health problems not as a RESULT from drinking coffee, but the results from quitting coffee were direct. God always keeps His end of the bargain.

We are teaching a man who´s brother in law kicked him out of the house. He has no home, it's really really sad. But this time in his life, everything has led him to this point to find the gospel. He came to church yesterday, stayed all three hours, and then we met after church as well. He said that he honestly would have left and not come back if he hadn´t felt something different. He´s really sincere. He tells us "I don´t know if God exists but I´ll pray to find out if He does." This man also read the Book of Mormon in less than a week, and watched general conference with us. He´s just super super great.

We had a little problem with our Branch president, that left me really feeling down, but that happens. In short he put a lot of pressures and responsibilities (that missionaries shouldn´t have to do) and was not so happy when we couldn´t do those things in his timetable. That's all I´ll say.

Well life is wonderful. I am so so so so blessed to be a missionary. Elder Rodriguez likes our family picture, because NO ONE in Spain has family pictures like that. He also says that you all have "cara de buena gente, pero MUY buena gente" (you have the faces of good people, REALLY good people)
He also confirmed my theory that JT has Mediterranean heritage, he looks SOOOOO Spanish! But really SOOOOO Spanish. So Sharlene and JT find that out!

Also he wanted me to help him learn to pray in English so we do some of our prayers in English. WOW it is REALLY hard to pray in English. I always slip and say something in Spanish. Crazy. I guess that's what happens when you have a native companion.

Also I don't know if I told you, but I´m teaching the ONLY young woman in the branch to play the piano, which is difficult to do in Spanish, but its ok because its super super beginner.

Well that's the news. I love you all. I can´t believe how fast life passes by.

besitos for all

¡os quiero muchisimo!

Elder Kirkham

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