Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello All Wonderful Family and Friends

This has been a crazy week in Motril. We have been knocking doors like crazy. We have been walking and talking and working hard to bring people to Christ.
How great was conference? (I still haven´t seen it all but we watched Priesthood session this morning) How great that was.

This week we had Specialized training with President and Hna. Clegg. We went out to lunch and had interviews and practiced teaching with them. It was really great to have that personal time with them.

Needless to say, Motril hasn´t been the "HOT SPOT" of the mission. I don´t say that negatively, just honestly. There are no BAD AREAS. But anyways, I have been feeling kinda down. I really wanted to baptize someone in Motril. We have been so close so close. But I have to remember that this is the Lord´s work. This is His church. He knows who´s prepared. We find them and teach them and invite them to let Him change their lives. I had been beating myself up about that a lot. I struggled with it a lot. Am I working hard enough? Am I doing the things I should? Am I doing something wrong? It was nice to watch conference, nice to talk to President. And then this morning I got to listen to W Christopher Wardell (who just finished serving as the mission President in Barcelona, talking about a missionary who baptized 1 person on his mission, who thought he had failed, but who then met the son of that man who was a missionary in his ward, who was serving a mission, who's brothers and sisters had all served missions, who were sealed to parents in the temple. Its just like me to not see the eternal picture. We NEVER know the impact we might have on someone's life. Speaking of which I want to share our own miracle that happened in Motril.

There is a member here, who´s husband is less than supportive of her being a member. I won´t go into details but he does everything he can to keep her from going to church. On Saturday morning we received a call at 7:30 from this member. Who for years has not been able to come to church. Who the missionaries are not allowed to pass by. She called us, and told us that she had been praying the night before and that the Spirit prompted her to call the missionaries. She had been keeping (hiding) the phone number of the missionaries (our phone number) in an old Bible (her husband took away her Book of Mormon) and she called us and asked for a blessing. She snuck away from her house, and we talked and we gave her a blessing of health. She had been taking heavy drugs for migraines and other injuries she had. Immediately after she said that her head stopped hurting. She felt a peace that she hadn´t felt for years. A miracle for her is just to FEEL ANYTHING after what she had been through. The next day she escaped from her house and came to church.

We were also able to meet a family who invited us to teach them right outside their house. After teaching them about the Restoration they told us, "well we know that you are REAL children and servants from God". That's the power of the spirit. That's the power of the message of the Restoration. There are people SEARCHING for the gospel. They just don´t know where to find it. THAT'S WHY WE'RE HERE!

Life is good. The work is SUPER HARD! Elder Holland was NOT exaggerating. Missionary work is the hardest thing that I´ve EVER done. But its the greatest.

The gospel is true. Heavenly Father loves every one of us. He loves us so much. he has so many blessings for us. We CAN live with our families and loved ones FOREVER! That is God´s plan for us. He has told us how we can do it. Have faith, obey the commandments. God wants all of us to be happy. There is much more waiting for us! So much! Always better times ahead.

I love you all so much!
I hope you knew about that blog too.

Keep Smiling


Oh and Elder Rodriguez and I are getting along SWIMMINGLY! I´ll send pictures. Hopefully soon

love you

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