Friday, September 30, 2011

Well I almost have no time to write, I´m sorry, I had to do other things online (sorry).
A little about this week:
I got a new companion, which was SUPER HARD the first few days but we get along REALLY WELL now.
I don´t know as much Spanish as I thought, the stuff you talk about with members and investigators is different than what you talk about the rest of the time. BUT my Spanish is going to be SUPER GOOD when I leave Motril.
We went to Nerja on Saturday and helped the missionaries there find more investigators(its called a cosecha) . We found 13 futures and 2 new investigators in an afternoon!!!!!! which is unheard of in cosechas. It made me feel good that we CAN find people even if a lot of people in Motril don´t want to listen (this WEEK in Motril we found 4 futures). It also is a testimony to me that the Lord IS preparing people for us to find. That was really good.
That was basically the highlight of the week. I have no money for food (I´ve spent it all on travel) and reimbursements take a few weeks. :( So it will be kind of a hungry week.
The Lord continues to bless us in small and simple ways. I´ve been praying A LOT this week. A LOT A LOT this week. And I am truly amazed by the power of prayer. I Know that Heavenly Father Listens to our Prayers, no matter how little or insignificant they may seem, He Listens! I wish we all would pray more. We cannot pray enough. Even if we ask and ask and ask and ask and ask and ask and ask and ask and ask for the same thing, its alright, if its a righteous desire, USUALLY we have to wait a while to see our prayers answered.
Last week I prayed and fasted a LOT to come out of my shell and not be as afraid or nervous or shy to talk to people, and IT HAPPENED! NOT without a lot of work and uncomfy and awkward conversations mind you, but somehow I was able to change my mindset or perspective or whatever and just DO IT. That's one of my hardest things. But I´m getting better. And it helps to have a native companion (he´s from Madrid, BTW)
Life is hard, but its SO lovely! We have trials because, we´re human, and we interact with OTHER HUMANS, but we need to recognize trials as times to grow, its SO SO SO hard to do but it will bring us joy. It brings ME joy. And the mission is really hard. NOT for the faint of heart! But so rewarding.
A member drove us home from Nerja (they were English) and she asked so how´s your mission going? And I really just realized what a blessing it is and even though its hard, that I am so SOOOO happy! Who would´ve known?
Well I love you all so much! Its a short email, I don´t know what else to write, sorry
Love you
Elder Kirkham

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