Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I think its the 11th week I've been here, I don't remember. Life is going good.
I´m healthy, I´m happy,
I made DELICIOUS arroz con leche the other day.
It was so delicious!!!!!

We were at a member´s house yesterday and he had the news on, there was coverage on the New Memorial at the World Trade Center so we decided to watch it. I really like the Memorial, they also had coverage on President Obama´s words. (Translated in Spanish) What I heard I really liked what he said. I cannot believe it has been 10 years since it happened. Wow. I remember that morning really well. I woke up and Mom and Dad were talking really loud. I went downstairs and we watched it. I don´t remember if it was live or just coverage but I remember being really scared. I remember going to school that day, everyone was really panicked, we weren´t SUPPOSED to talk about it a lot. But of course we did, I was in the 4th grade.

It's weird that 10 years has passed. How much has changed. It was hard not to cry when they showed footage. VERY graphic footage (maybe its just Spain´s TV laws are different) They showed a lot of footage I had never seen. The thing is I had not even noticed it was September 11th yesterday. I was actually reading my passport before church and thinking "how grateful I am to be a citizen of the United States" I´m grateful for everyone who gave their lives, to save others. The member said "That kind of selflessness and unity isn´t found in Spain". Well I don´t know maybe not, but I am very grateful for being blessed to be born in such a great country.

Well, I´ve started exercising a lot more. Even though we walk everywhere, we´re going to start running and I´ve been doing sit ups and push up (hate them) and stuff in our piso.

There's not really a lot to report. Transfers are next week, Elder Rodriguez might be leaving (he's been here a while) but I think I´ll stay. We NEVER know. Both of my suits are really big on me now. I have to buy a new belt. I really don´t feel any skinnier-I swear my suits are growing. But they´re both really big. Oh well.

Like I said Life is good. Happy Birthday to those with birthdays (JT, Brooke, Grandpa)

It's strange to think what I was doing a year ago, and it DOES NOT feel like a year has passed!! Yikes! Time is flying away!!!!!

I found a harmonica instruction book in our piso. It makes me want to buy a harmonica. (For ALL of the spare time I have) (JOKE)

We got the IKEA catalog that I actually have been looking through. I´m a sucker for IKEA. And I´m learning a lot of FURNITURE words in Spanish. Its great! Oh the simple joys in life.

Well I don´t know what else to report. I hope all is well at home and abroad. I love you all. I love the Gospel!

Keep smiling!!!!!!

-Mateo, Kirky, Kit kat, Elder, Kirkham, etc.


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